While the buzz surrounding the 2022 Oscars has primarily revolved around Will Smith and Chris Rock, there’s another duo that deserves more recognition: Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli. These two remarkable women stole the show with their heartfelt interaction during the ceremony.

Gaga, who presented the final award of the evening alongside Minnelli, received commendation for her graciousness and rapport with the legendary actor. As they took the stage together to present the last award, the crowd erupted in applause. In a beautiful display of humility, Gaga stepped back, giving the 76-year-old Minnelli the spotlight she deserved.

“Do you see that? The public, they love you,” Gaga whispered as she leaned in and gently held Minnelli’s hand. This tender moment showcased Gaga’s respect and admiration for the iconic star.

Gaga also took the opportunity to acknowledge Minnelli’s extraordinary accomplishment, announcing that it was the 50th anniversary of Minnelli’s Best Actress win for the 1972 film Cabaret. This recognition further highlighted the impact Minnelli has had on the industry.

As Minnelli began introducing the films nominated for Best Film, she briefly stumbled over her words. However, Gaga quickly reassured her by taking over seamlessly. Before the clips of the nominees played, Gaga whispered, “I got you,” reminding Minnelli that she had her back.

Caught by the microphones, Minnelli’s grateful response was captured as she replied, “I know, thank you.” This exchange illustrated the genuine bond between these two incredible talents.

During the announcement of the final winner of the night, CODA, Minnelli expressed her happiness to be there, especially with Gaga, whom she proclaimed to be her biggest fan. This heartwarming declaration left no doubt about the deep connection between these extraordinary women.

The emotional moment between Gaga and Minnelli did not go unnoticed, as people across the internet quickly reacted to the touching display. Many also drew comparisons to Gaga’s relationship with Tony Bennett, emphasizing how she consistently treats her elders with the utmost care and respect.

In my opinion, this was the standout moment of the Oscars. It serves as a profound reminder of the importance of cherishing and honoring our elders. Let’s share this heartwarming moment and spread the love.