Witness the incredible sight of elephants honoring a lost baby elephant in a touching funeral procession.

A video shared by Parveen Kaswan, an Indian forest ranger, has taken the internet by storm. The clip captures a group of adult elephants coming together to pay their respects to a deceased baby elephant. Social media users were left astounded and moved by this human-like display of mourning.

In the viral footage, an elephant emerges from the bushes, gently cradling the lifeless body of the baby elephant with its trunk. The adult elephant lays the precious cargo on the ground and stands guard, awaiting the arrival of other elephants. Astonishingly, more elephants soon join in, forming a solemn line reminiscent of a funeral procession.

Together, the elephants encircle the baby elephant, creating an aura of empathy and compassion. Symbolizing their deep grief, the original elephant once again lifts the lifeless body, with the others following in mournful step.

The video quickly gained traction on Twitter, amassing over 5,000 re-tweets and 12,000 likes. It’s no surprise that this heartrending display of mourning has struck a chord with people worldwide.

It’s not uncommon for elephants to exhibit mourning behaviors similar to humans. Their uncanny ability to grieve and show empathy has long fascinated researchers and animal lovers alike. This touching video serves as yet another testament to the emotional depth of these remarkable creatures.

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