One year has passed since the sad passing of “Full House” star Bob Saget. On January 9, 2022, it was confirmed that the actor had died at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida. According to TMZ, it wasn’t until a month later that the Orange County Florida Medical Examiner discovered Saget died from blunt force head injuries that it became clear what had caused his death.

The comedian’s passing completely surprised his fans, friends, and family. Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, shared a poignant Instagram tribute to her husband just one week after his death, compounding the pain. “My charming husband,” she said. “This week, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting, and I’m trying hard not to feel like time has been taken from me.”

“Consider how lucky you were to be married to the most incredible man on the planet.” As she proceeded to “share how great he was with the world,” Rizzo expressed gratitude for having been able to cherish him throughout their little time together. Rizzo ended her speech by expressing her love for his daughters and, of course, Saget.

In keeping with her word, Rizzo has continued to share cute photos of the “Full House” actor that showcase his zest for life. As the first anniversary of his death approaches, Rizzo has written yet another touching tribute to her late husband.

Kelly Rizzo has demonstrated that her and Bob Saget’s love remains strong. Saget married Rizzo in 2018, three years after initially meeting. Even though their relationship was brief, Rizzo cherishes the seven years she spent with Saget.

On the first anniversary of her late husband’s death, Rizzo paid a poignant Instagram tribute to him. A montage of adorable pictures and videos from the couple’s time together was displayed in the video. Rizzo wrote: “A year. Our hearts are heavy. How could I have gone an entire year without speaking to or seeing my devoted husband?” Rizzo said that although she has come to terms with Saget’s passing, watching films or looking at pictures of the actor makes it seem “unreal.”

The maker of the video added that she considered herself “the luckiest” to have met and lived with Saget. “Some individuals may live 1,000 lives and never experience life to the fullest extent as he did. And I must congratulate you on your achievement. You truly won this life, my love.”

Fans thanked Rizzo in the comments for keeping Saget’s spirit alive and offered support. One person said, “Sending you to love now and always, Kelly.” Added another, “I’m delighted you BOTH had such a wonderful love experience together! So gorgeous.”