Kate Middleton is one of the British Royal Family’s most popular members. A variety of worthy causes and organizations are close to the future queen’s heart, or at the very least the queen consort, who places a special priority on helping disadvantaged children.

Every day is busy when you’re a princess and a mommy at the same time. Kate, Prince William, and the couple’s three children have made their new home on the grounds of Windsor Castle. The Princess of Wales seems to be continuing her own hobbies despite her busy schedule.

It’s fascinating to note, though, that Kate might just be a regular person despite her popularity and intelligence. She has an unanticipated weakness connected to one of her favorite hobbies, according to recent sources, and it has just made news.

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently began a new chapter in their life. Since the death of the Queen, they have been awarded the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales.

William and Kate will undoubtedly have new obligations and engagements now that he is the heir to the British throne, particularly those that Charles and Camilla openly undertook while Queen Elizabeth was still alive.

But aside from their royal duties, William and Kate had to make another significant life change when they moved into their new home. In August, the couple decided to leave Kensington Palace and go to Adelaide Cottage, which is just a short stroll from Windsor Castle.

The cottage has a lengthy royal history. When the Prince and Princess of Wales moved into the home with their three children, Princes George, Princess Catherine, and Prince Louis, no significant renovations were intended despite how old it was. Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV, lived in the cottage, which was constructed in 1831.

Both their spacious Kensington Palace property and Anmer Hall in Norfolk are still their homes.

When Kate and William left Kensington, the kids moved from Battersea to the exclusive Lambrook school.

Undoubtedly, the past few months have been extremely busy for William, Kate, and the other senior members of the Royal Family.

The recent half-term vacation from school presented William and Kate with the ideal chance. Given the current moment of sadness they have been going through, the couple took time off from their royal duties to spend time with their children.

Kate in particular went through a lot of “stress” in the weeks leading up to the break, according to royal reporter Jennie Bond.

Reports stated that Kate was “anxious and agitated.”

After a particularly challenging first half of the school year for the kids, she said, “They will be focusing on family time and will be enjoying the outdoor things they love, such as cycling, horseback riding, walks, taking the dog out, and barbecues.”

It makes sense that William and Kate Middleton are attempting to strike a balance between their demanding royal duties and a family life. There have surely been more than just long hours in the last few months.

William and Kate’s workload was reportedly “crazy,” which increased their anxiety and stress.

They have admitted it themselves, says Katie Nichol of TalkTV’s The Royal Tea, “that this hasn’t been the settling period that they had planned for.”

Naturally, they made the big decision to relocate to Windsor immediately following the summer break. It was a major and somewhat courageous decision to leave Kensington Palace, enroll the kids in new schools, and start over in Windsor.

Nichol added, “Of course, no one could have imagined that the Queen would die right at the beginning of all that. R eally difficult circumstances. I think there is a lot of tension and anxiety going on in the background for the entire family.”

William and Kate are back at work after the death of the Queen and the aforementioned break.

She has much greater independence.

It makes sense to suppose that the Queen’s passing and the duties they subsequently took on have had some effect on them. According to body language expert Judi James, Kate Middleton no longer sees herself as “Prince William’s wife” but rather as a “leading” member of the Royal Family.

According to James, Kate’s body language has changed since she was made the Princess of Wales, though perhaps not in the way that some might have expected.

Due to the pressure, she might have shown signs of uneasiness or perhaps impostor syndrome, but lately, her indications of confidence have been increasing.

She is currently at a peak in terms of signaling, which, according to James, indicates that she has fully accepted and comprehended her position and feels at ease with it.

The body language expert claims that Kate generally exhibits “self-limited” body language and gives off the impression of a non-royal behaving in a royal capacity. James makes it clear that the Princess of Wales has finally accepted and embraced her role as a senior figure.

According to James, she frequently comes across as more assured while working alone as opposed to with William, and her filmed addresses, speeches, and messages are a far cry from the cautious and slightly reticent delivery style that she originally possessed.

As the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate may plan on touring the country to meet with citizens in their areas, companies, and government leaders as well as to attend charitable events.

Kate Middleton and William’s upcoming trip to the US

They are both used to this, but if rumors are to be believed, their new positions will also require them to travel abroad for longer periods of time.

The pair has traveled abroad frequently in the past. In order to attend the Boston Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit, William and Kate will take a plane to the US in December.

William created the Earthshot Prize in 2020. It became a stand-alone charity this year, and William was named as its president.

William was supposed to go to the Earthshot Prize innovation event last month in New York. Sadly, he was compelled to cancel due to the untimely death of the Queen.

The second Earthshot Prize awards ceremony will take place in Boston in December.

“We hope to meet you all very soon,” William continued. “We are both ecstatic to be going to Boston in December, especially Kate.”

The couple’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, hardly ever travel with their parents when they are in Britain. But William and Kate often try to find inventive ways to include their children in their trips.

William emphasized the amusing tradition they had with their three children before they depart for the Caribbean in March 2022.

They constantly ask about where we are. And we show them where we are on the map, William continued. When we tell them where we are, [George] finds us on a map, puts a pin down there, and shares it with the others.

“Our three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, all like being by the sea, so I hope they will be able to experience your beautiful waters and wonderful beaches before too long,” Kate said during their eight-day trip.

Over the years, Kate has shown a strong interest in a range of useful topics, including sports, history, child care, and mental health.

Each member of the Firm receives numerous fundraising requests from various organizations each year. According to the official royal website, the so-called patronages “provide importance to an institution, and visits and involvement from a Royal Patron can often create much-needed attention.”

The royals get hundreds of requests each year, therefore they frequently limit their patronages to a small number in order to give each organization quality time. Kate Middleton has carried out this action.

She supports charities such as Action for Children, which helps with foster care, adoption, child neglect, and home care for people with disabilities, as well as the charity dedicated to children’s mental health, the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families.

One of Kate’s favorite charities is East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, which offers care for children and young people with life-threatening illnesses and supports families.

Kate’s position in the Royal Family, where she helps William raise their children and has the potential to become the next Queen, must be difficult to hold (or Queen Consort). Therefore, it makes sense to assume that one has to partake in activities that help them unwind and take a little mental vacation.

The Princess of Wales is said to strike a balance between her wide range of official duties and life in the service of the Crown. She loved to play the piano, one of those hobbies that amazed others.

Tom Walker, a Scottish singer-songwriter, and Kate performed a duet of their song For Those Who Can’t Be Here in the BBC show Royal Carols: Together at Christmas. Kate’s piano skills, which were excellent considering it was supposedly one of her early hobbies, impressed everyone.

By all accounts, Kate has developed a range of skills throughout the years. In addition to perfecting her social graces and acquiring queenly authority, she has also taken up the piano and tennis in her own time.

There does seem to be one ability Kate hasn’t mastered, though.

Kate claims her knitting skills are “terrible.”

In order to improve the lives of citizens in the cities and municipalities hosting the World Cup matches, the Princess met with volunteers from a social impact initiative during the half.

Kate received several gifts during the visit, including soap and crocheted hats. Susan Hill, who had manufactured the caps, was informed by Kate that she is also a knitter. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be her strongest skill.

“Since I failed miserably at knitting the last time I attempted, I’ll need to come in for lessons,” Kate said. Susan responded, “When you know how, it’s easy.”

Kate hasn’t always been honest about her skill with knitting. In 2020, she made a stop in Bradford at a charity that assists grandparents called Older Yet Wiser.

Kate claimed she had tried to knit her son George a sweater, and a grandmother showed off her skills at crocheting. Sadly, the Queen’s efforts weren’t as successful as she had planned.

“I tried knitting for the first time after having George. Kate replied, “I tried to make him a particularly special sweater, but I got about halfway through before it splattered. It’s a truly amazing skill.”

Even while Kate may not enjoy knitting, it is now obvious that she is capable of doing other things. For instance, the Princess even made a garden that was shown at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show since she likes gardening.

According to its description, the garden was “inspired by childhood memories evoked by the natural world, as well as memorable experiences that will be produced and cherished by families now and in the future.”

Fortunately for Kate, nobody at home will be able to match her talent to enhance the landscape.

“I have no idea what I’m doing, but I love gardening,” and William remarked, “My wife does all the gardening.”

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