The previous few years have not been easy for Jeff Bridges. After receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2020, he took chemotherapy and contracted COVID-19 while undergoing treatment, which further made matters worse. His cancer had gone into remission by 2021, and he had received the entire COVID-19 vaccine.

Despite beating cancer and COVID-19, Bridges didn’t recover completely from his illness. Since he was scheduled to lead his daughter down the aisle in a few months, it was troubling that he was finding it difficult to stand up for longer than 45 seconds. So he made good use of that time.

In order to have the health and stamina to accompany his daughter down the aisle on what would be the most significant day of her life, Bridges spent the following several months working out with a personal trainer every day. Although it wasn’t an easy journey, he had the greatest motivation and wasn’t going to let anything hold him down.

His youngest daughter, Hayley Roselouise Bridges, married the love of her life, Justin Shane, in Santa Ynez, California’s Kestrel Park, in August 2021. And because of the work he put in with his trainer, Jeff Bridges was able to accompany the bride down the aisle while looking sharp in a suit that was somewhat blue.

He found himself doing the wedding dance at the reception, something he wasn’t sure he’d be able to do. His efforts had more than paid off. As he welcomed a new member into the family, it enhanced the significance of the moment. Bridges even stepped up to the podium for a heartfelt welcome speech.

Jeff Bridges “touched on a quality about Justin that I also highlighted in my vows, which is that kids and pets love him,” the bride claimed. He has such tremendous energy, and I think this is a reflection of that,” she said in an interview with Brides. The father and daughter ended up dancing to Ray Charles’ Ain’t That Love.

In 1977, Bridges married Susan Geston, and they have been a couple ever since. In the 1980s, they gave birth to three children: Isabelle Annie in 1981, Jessica Lily “Jessie” in 1983, and Haley Roselouise in 1984. As a grandchild of Bridges and Geston, he has, even more, to fight for every day.

Jeff Bridges Discusses His Near-Death Cancer Experience

Jeff Bridges claims that although the cancer was challenging, COVID-19 made cancer “look like a piece of cake.” In actuality, COVID-19 had him essentially on his deathbed while the medical staff urged him to keep fighting. He wanted to fight, but cancer had essentially prevented him from being able to do so due to his physique.

“I had no barriers. Chemotherapy completely depletes your immune system in this manner. Bridges stated in earlier this year’s interview, “I had nothing to fight it. “I came so close to passing away. I was in giving-up mode. I was prepared to leave. In describing the encounter, he stated, “I was dancing with my death.”

He concentrated on taking things one step at a time, no matter how minor or significant those steps were, rather than allowing the illness and virus to govern his body. “Who would say, ‘Give me a dosage of COVID and I’d love some cancer. But my capacity to both receive and give love was simply increased,” he said.

Seven decades of successful acting have been a part of Jeff Bridges’ life. He is most recognized for his parts in Crazy Heart, The Big Lebowski, Starman, The Contender, True Grit, The Old Man, Tron, The Last Picture Show, and other films. He has received an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards over his career.