Johnny Depp’s fans really want his lawyer Camille Vasquez as Mera for ‘Aquaman 2’

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As the trial is reaching its conclusion, people have continued campaigning for a replacement for Amber Heard’s role in ‘Aquaman 2’ as Mera. Names have been thrown from Emilia Clarke, who acted alongside Jason Momoa in ‘Games of Throne’ to Blake Lively from ‘Green Lantern.’

There are currently 4.4 million signatures on the petition that asks Heard to be removed from her role as a fair trade for Depp who lost his role as Captain Jack Sparrow after losing his libel case despite no court ruling him as an abuser.


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Camille Vasquez is the most recent suggestion made by fans of Johnny Depp, who watched her grill his ex-wife during the trial.

Depp sued Heard for $50 million in damages after she defamed him in an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post. The actress counter-sued him for $100 million for being called a liar.

During the cross-examination, Vasquez repeatedly slammed the actress in front of the jury and witnesses as she exposed her lies, including when Heard was sounded out for not being truthful regarding her $7 million pledge to ACLU and the Children’s Hospital.


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She began trending after viewers praised her for doing well in defending her actor client. And many began suggesting her as Mera for ‘Aquaman 2.’

Hilarious edits continue to emerge, and while they’re mostly jokes, a lot of people were ready to accept anyone but Heard for the role.


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