The wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that we all aspire to, and every couple hopes that this day will be flawless in every way.

The wedding gown, the groom’s outfit, the flowers that will be used to decorate the altar, and the restaurant where it will be held.

Any couple arranges every detail of their wedding months before the big day, whether it’s the music on which the two will dance their first dance as husband and wife or the song on which the two will dance their first dance as husband and wife.

Neil and Tricia are two young adults who married on February 3rd of this year. They were confident that they had planned every detail for their lovely ceremony, but the guests had other ideas.

Tricia and Neil heard a voice shouting just as they were swearing love for the rest of their lives. Tricia initially assumed that someone had something against their marriage to object to, but it was soon evident that it was something quite else.

All of the guests at the religious ritual rose to their feet and proceeded to sing a song that the bride adored.

When Tricia heard the music that sounded so wonderful across the church, she could scarcely hold back her tears. It was an unexpected surprise that no one who was present will ever forget!

Watch the video below to see a wonderful surprise! It’s just fantastic!