Pattie Mallette may be known as the mother of the famous pop star Justin Bieber, but there is much more to her story than meets the eye. Behind the scenes, she has faced numerous challenges and hardships.

Despite being a big star, Justin Bieber still deals with his fair share of problems and tough times. It’s something that happens to all of us, even if the world doesn’t always see it.

The relationship between Justin and his mother hasn’t always been smooth sailing, especially when you consider Pattie’s difficult past. At just 17 years old, she became a single mother and faced many obstacles while raising Justin in a small and modest part of Canada. She did receive some support from her parents, who are Justin’s grandparents.

Throughout her life, Pattie endured a great deal of abuse and violence, which started when she was only 3 years old. She once said, “The people who hurt me include a babysitter, the grandfather of one of my friends, and some kids from the neighborhood who were older than me.”

At the age of 14, Pattie began using drugs and engaging in troublesome behavior. She was even expelled from school for setting a fire in the bathroom. Her childhood was undeniably challenging, but she found solace in art. Interestingly, Justin also shares her passion for art, and it has become one of the things that unite them.

When she was 15, Pattie started dating Jeremy Bieber. They were together for four years, but when she turned 16, she left home and resorted to stealing and selling drugs to survive. Unfortunately, her troubled past and ongoing issues took a toll on her mental health.

At just 17, Pattie felt hopeless and even considered ending her own life. She made an attempt, leading to her being sent to a mental hospital where she underwent Christian conversion therapy. After leaving the hospital, Pattie reconnected with old friends who didn’t follow her new religion. It was during this time that she reunited with Jeremy Bieber.

They rekindled their relationship, and six months later, Pattie discovered she was pregnant. Justin was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario.

Although Pattie and Jeremy continued dating after Justin’s birth, they eventually decided to break up. Despite all the challenges Pattie had faced, she remained a dedicated and supportive mother to Justin. She encouraged his love for music and even helped him enter the 2007 Stratford Star talent competition when he was a teenager.

Even as a rising star, Justin faced setbacks. In the competition, he came in second place, performing Ne-Yo’s “So Sick.” Pattie shared a video of his performance on YouTube, which gained popularity, leading her to post more videos online.

In September 2012, Pattie wrote a book called “Nowhere But Up,” published by the Christian company Revell. The book chronicles her difficult childhood and how she relied on faith and love to stay positive and be a good single mother to her son.

Today, Justin and Pattie’s relationship has evolved with Justin becoming an adult. Letting go and allowing him to be independent hasn’t been easy for Pattie. She stated, “When your kids hit a certain age, your parenting style changes, and it is hard letting go.” Not being able to control every aspect of her adult son’s life has been a challenge.

Justin faced legal troubles that strained their bond, especially when he was arrested in 2014 for street racing. But over time, the mother-son relationship has begun to heal. In 2015, Justin spoke about his mom, saying, “We didn’t talk for a while, and it takes time to rebuild trust. It’s tough, but it’s getting better. She’s an amazing woman, and I love her.”

Today, the difficult times Justin went through are mostly forgotten, and Pattie couldn’t be prouder of her son. She recently wrote on Instagram, “I’m so proud of the amazing young man you are and the person you’re becoming. None of us are perfect, and we’ll always need patience and understanding for each other. But I see how you’re growing in your relationship with Jesus, and it shows in the choices you make and the good things you do. I admire your character and honesty. You’re growing up so well and are wise beyond your years.”

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