In spite of the fact that they had never met in person, a lady who met a man on Facebook sold all she owned to marry him. The woman was astonished to learn what she was truly up against.

A 40-year-old lady from the UK wants the globe to be aware of the individuals you meet online and to think twice before connecting with anybody she only knows digitally since more and more people are choosing to hunt for their soul mate in the online environment.

Evangelina Tsadiosou met a man from the United States online. They came to the conclusion that it was time for a relationship after having several lengthy chats.

They spoke for a very long time, and Evangelina came to feel that they were extremely familiar and had a complete understanding of one another. The man quickly made the eagerly anticipated proposal. He asked Evangelina to be his wife, and she immediately agreed without giving it any thought.

The American man made the woman a proposal to leave everything behind in Great Britain and go to Canada with him.

The woman, blinded by the man’s entire story, agreed with the proposal and sold all she owned for nothing in order to accelerate her move to Canada with her future husband. She gave up all he had worked so hard for her entire life. She also sold her house and car.

The major wedding celebration was about to happen, and there were only a few days remaining.

The woman couldn’t wait to meet her spouse and begin her blissful new life. When Evangelina received a call from a lady she had met online three days prior to the wedding, everything instantly fell apart.
The woman who got in touch with Evangelina said that her future husband was just a sentimental crook. This American guy cheated on and mistreated multiple fiancées that he had connections with and who lived in other nations.

Devastated by this incident, Evangelina decided to tell the world about her incident in order to draw the attention of other women, and she subsequently rebuilt her life and relocated to the United States.