In a rediscovered video, Jim Bob Duggar, of 19 Kids and Counting, has been chastised for his “neglectful” behavior toward his son Jason.

The 57-year-old was criticized for “forgetting” about Jason while naming his children.

In a released video, Jim Bob Duggar was chastised for his ‘neglectful’ behavior toward his son Justin.

In a video from their 2006 show, On the Road with 16 Children, he ‘forgot’ to mention Justin while identifying all of his children.

According to a Duggar critic, on their 2006 show, On the Road with 16 Children, Jim Bob and his children took a road trip from Arkansas to Disneyland.

In the video, Jim Bob, his wife Michelle, and their children wear matching red shirts as they stand outside their camper.

As his children entered the trailer, the father began screaming their names.

“Johanna, Mama, Justin, James, Jeremiah, Jedediah…” he finished.

Jim Bob skipped ahead and yelled, “Josiah!” even though Jason, now 22, was standing directly in front of him.

Seeing his error, he chuckled and quickly added, “Yes, Jason too!”

Critics on Reddit lambasted the moment, with one commenting, “JB forgets Jason exists.”

“The poor child was actually in front of him!” screamed another.

“Is anyone astonished by the neglect? I’m more stunned that he can remember many of their names!” said a third.

“This is also a ‘tell me you have too many kids without telling me you have too many kids,” wrote another commenter.

Jim Bob was also chastised earlier this week for dressing up in a “disrespectful” farmer costume at a December family celebration.

The TLC celebrity wore a straw hat, shirt, and crooked tie to the Duggars’ annual holiday party.

His son Jed posted a video on YouTube with the family dressed in various attire for their Christmas party in December 2022.

Jed and his wife shared a video of everyone’s emotions to learn they are expecting their second child together.

After alerting Jed’s mother, Michelle, and his siblings, the pair proceeded into the kitchen.

As Jim Bob entered the room, Jed asked, “Where’s the farmer?” before exclaiming, “There he is!”

According to critics, Jim Bob’s costume was “an affront to actual farmers.”

Michelle sparked outrage after “breaking her own rules” with a vacation to the beach.

In an unearthed photo from 2017, the 56-year-old was seen wearing a fully-covered dress on a day out in the Bahamas.

Michelle posed on the beach with a companion wearing a pink and gray long-sleeved shirt, a black skirt, tights, leggings, and black shoes.

Her buddy was far more exposed, wearing a plunging black romper over a black bikini.

On Monday, the photo was revived on Reddit, where critics pointed out that Michelle had violated her dress code by rolling her sleeves up.

Michelle and Jim Bob’s rigorous modesty regulations urge women to wear conservatively and cover their arms, legs, and cleavage.

Michelle’s beach excursion is particularly surprising, given she previously stated that she avoids going to the beach because it’s “impossible for guys to keep their eyes diverted” around bikinis.

In a blog post from 2012, the matriarch stated: “We don’t organize a lot of swimming activities when boys wear swimsuits because it’s just too difficult for them to keep their eyes diverted in those settings.”

“Some of our friends let us use their swimming pools. We also go to a private brook or lake on occasion.

“And the youngsters are always dressed modestly in those settings.”