Want to feel old? There are certain items from our distant past that you scarcely see anymore.

A younger generation likely has no idea what in the heck some of these things even are!

That officially makes you old. Yes, if you can recognize a majority of the items from pictures on this list, you’re an ancient has-been whose better days are far behind you.

We kid! Of course, you’re not decrepit! You’ve just lived a life and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So, what items will only oldies be able to recognize? Chances are things that were bad, unuseful that have not stood the test of time.

This means that you’ve got a special skill in being able to work old technologies that these young guns will likely have no clue operate.

See? You are useful after all, you geezer! Let’s take a look at some old items to see if you can remember what they were.

Have You Eaten Food from One of These?

If you have prepared or eaten food from the object above, bless you. We imagine most kids today would not know what to think about this old crockpot.

If You Know How to Use This, You’re Old

If you ever have used one of these pumps, you are certifiably ancient. Although, you can still come across them deep in the country most gas stations today have upgraded to self-pay models.

Did You Watch ‘Movies’ With One of These?

Ah! Remember the View-Master? If you don’t you still have something to live for, but the rest of us had a grand old time with these little wheels as a kid.

If You Put Putty to Paper, We’ve Got News for You

Did you find smashing putty on a newspaper to be the coolest thing in the entire world as a kid? You really had no idea what the internet would bring, did you?

If You Know What This Is Used for, You Were Into Necking

The pandemic brought about a drive-in movie renaissance but before that many folks had never been to one. If you know what’s on this metal thing, you have lived a full life full of popcorn and milk duds.

What Were We Thinking?

If you’ve ever applied make-up in one of these lighted mirrors, congratulations you were likely born at least 35 years ago. These mirrors were first released in 1970 by GE and they were a hot-ticket item back in the day.

If Have Made Coffee In Any of These, You’re Old

Percolators were huge for decades and while people still use them, most don’t look like these today. The only excuse you might have to be a young one and have brewed java in one of these is if you’re an avid camper. Otherwise, your insides are dusty trash.

Ever Seen This In a Car?

They don’t make them like they used to, do they? If you’ve ever driven a car with this little device inside of it, you’re likely reaching the age when it’s unsafe to drive. This is a high-low switch for lights.

If You’ve Seen a Soda Vending Machine Like This…

For those who don’t know, congratulations on your youth. That little door on the left opens for you to pull your soda from. How things have changed!

If Your Couch Had a Blanket Like This, Sorry

You might have fond memories of a similar blanket and if you do, you’re old. Afghan blankets were a huge trend in the 1970s but they have fallen from favor today. It was good while it lasted!

Love Me Tender

Did you have a wooden meat tenderizer in your home? Was it only used once a year? Wooden meat tenderizers have not been favored in modern kitchens today. If you’ve swung one, you’re not long for this world.

The Agony & Ecstasy

If you remember the government cheese, you’re old. This processed cheese was subsidized and used by the military, food banks, food stamp programs, and much more to deliver quality dairy goodness to folks.

Are These Torture Devices?

If you know what these are, you are simply prehistoric. While these might look like torture devices from the Middle Ages, they are actually used to crack nuts. Generally, an assortment of old, old nuts.

These Were Not Made for Music

If you have only seen these bad boys employed to play music, do you know what was done with them before that? If you’ve seen one in action, you’re as old as hills.

Ding Dongs Were Lit

Did you ever eat a ding dong that had been previously wrapped in foil? Is so, you’ll never experience that joy again, sorry.

Do You Know Her Secret?

If you happen to know what’s hiding underneath this doll’s dress, you are first, perverse, and second, very old. Why did you EVER look under there? You should be ashamed.

Did You Play with These?

If you played a game of jacks, you likely still have the intentions they made in the bottom of your feet still there. And, you’re long in the tooth. Stepping on Legos > Stepping on Jacks.


Have you ever felt the pleasure of a young person at the mall shoving your foot into one of these? If you’re old, you know these things are no joke!

Do You Know What Comes Out of This?

Before the advent of the microwave, olds used to have to make popcorn on a stove. Both methods can result in a fire but one is not like the other.

Bring Back Memories?

If this picture immediately made you think of a long-lost scent, you’re not alone! You’re just old. We must say, the youths are missing out on this aromatherapy device.

What Even Is This?

If you know what this is, you’re a living legend. They don’t make these like they used to, really!

Do You Remember?

Well, many of our schools are underfunded so perhaps these are still around, but they really should not be. If you don’t know what this magical device does, did you learn anything?

Have You Ever?

If you know what this is, chances are you’ve been shaving for a LONG time. This looks like the perfect gift for dad circa 1973. The smell has never left you if you’ve had the pleasure of using these products.

Can You Hear It?

If this old picture made you think of the exact sound this machine used to make, how are you even still with us? Children, old tills were used before you bought things on an iPad.

What’s This?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying a meal at a table like this, you should expect to have your last any day now. These tables were once in just about every kitchen in America. Now, when is the last time you saw one?

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these pictures of old things that young folks will be clueless about.

We realize that this is not an exact science but if you admitted to knowing what any of those things are, you’re simply washed up.

We hope you had fun with this silly list and will share it with any others you want to age shame!