Jessica Alves, once known as Rodrigo Alves and dubbed a “human Ken doll,” has undergone multiple cosmetic procedures to change the way she looks. Alves has had “cat-eye lift” surgery as well as several different nose operations. Her efforts have now paid off because she has decided to permanently stop receiving surgeries.

Because Jessica Alves always felt self-conscious as a child, she decided to have plastic surgery.

Despite being designated a male gender at birth in Brazil and being given the name Rodrigo Alves, Jessica later acknowledged that she had always known she was a female.

When she was younger, her grandfather gave her dolls, and she quickly developed an obsession with them. Alves was a shy kid who struggled with confidence all the time. She later decided to have plastic surgery as a young adult in order to solve her body-related issues.

She had amassed a $500,000 cosmetic surgery tab by 2018 and had acquired the nickname “human Ken doll.”

The TV personality claimed that by the time Alves was 35 years old, he had spent more than $500K on cosmetic treatments. Because of her chiseled features and blonde hair, Alves, who was still going by Rodrigo, was compared to a “human Ken doll” by many. She had spent thousands of dollars on figure-enhancing surgery, many nose jobs, and “cat eye lift” procedures.

Alves got surgery to change her gender and came out as trans in 2020.

In 2020, Jessica Alves decided to come out publicly, announcing that she would have gender reassignment surgery and that she identified as a woman. “Even though I go by Ken, within I’ve always longed to be Barbie. For years, I made an effort to conduct my life like a guy. I told myself I had a fictitious six-pack and fictitious arm muscles. Being a woman, I’ve always had a more feminine intelligence. My body and mind are now working together,” Alves acknowledged.

Alves has already shelled out an amazing $1 million on cosmetic surgery, but he has vowed to stop.

After coming out as transgender, Alves underwent additional bodily modifications to have a female-presenting body. After removing her abs, she displayed a curvy body, big lips, and an even smaller nose.

Jessica Alves recently stated that she was “100% done with plastic surgery,” thus it seems like she is at last content with her physical appearance, and declared, “I look terrific and feel fantastic. I love being a woman, and I’m really proud of it. I imagined having long hair and a curvy body as a child, and now here I am, the woman of my dreams.”

There are many more influential persons than only Jessica Alves who have undergone surgery on a regular basis. Dalia Naeem, a 29-year-old Iraqi woman, has also been called a “human Barbie” due to her peculiar features.