Are you a fan of Walmart’s low-priced rotisserie chicken? Well, before you grab another one, let’s reconsider. Sure, the price may be tempting, especially if it’s on clearance. But did you know that for $4.98, you’ll only be getting less than 2 pounds of chicken? To be precise, it’s just 1 lb. 13 oz. Why settle for less when you can get a bigger bird for the same price at Sam’s Club or Costco?

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, isn’t Sam’s Club owned by Walmart?” Yes, it is. However, the rotisserie chicken at Sam’s Club is not the same as Walmart’s. A bird from Sam’s weighs a whopping 3 pounds, matching Costco’s rotisserie chicken weight. So not only do you get more chicken, but you also get more flavor. And speaking of flavor, let’s talk about the taste tests. When it comes to taste, Walmart’s rotisserie chicken consistently ranks last, while Costco’s super juicy and flavorful chicken tops the charts.

But hey, here’s an interesting twist. One Reddit user said, “Sam’s rotisserie chickens crush Costco’s rotisserie chickens every day of the week.” So it seems there’s a difference in opinion. However, Walmart does have an edge in one category—their sodium content. If you’re watching your sodium intake, Walmart’s rotisserie chicken contains slightly more sodium than Sam’s Club and Costco. Whole Foods, on the other hand, offers a lower sodium option with just 280 mg of sodium per 1/4 of a bird, making it a solid choice for those who are mindful of their sodium consumption.

So, in conclusion, when it comes to purchasing a rotisserie chicken, Walmart might not be the best option. Consider the size, flavor, and sodium content. And remember, for the same price, you can find a larger and more delicious bird at Sam’s Club or Costco. The choice is yours.