Her boyfriend proposed to her and gave her a beautiful diamond ring. Soon, the woman found the receipt in his pocket and everything changed…

Instead of rejoicing that she will spend the rest of her life with her beloved man, a woman complained on the Internet that the ring she received with her marriage proposal is too small and cheap.

“He asked me to be his wife and gave me the ring he chose – a white gold solitaire diamond. I was very happy and accepted, but I was disappointed when I saw the ring. The stone was too small, “the woman wrote.

“I do not dislike the ring itself. And I would have chosen a solitaire diamond. But I dislike the color of gold and the stone that is too small. ”

As if that wasn’t enough, the new fiancée was also unhappy with the cost of the ring. She found the receipt from the store and was disappointed to learn that her boyfriend was a bit “stingy”.

“He has a high salary and is usually very generous. I would have expected him to spend a lot more money on a piece of jewelry that is so important. ”

Obviously, everyone who read this woman’s post was very critical of her.

People told her that the value or appearance of the ring is not so important and that she should be happy with the marriage proposal.