A man from the USA found a wallet in the street in which, although there was no identity document, there was a significant amount of money.

The wallet also contained a small letter with the name of the sender barely visible.

Reading, he learned that the letter was written in 1954, and it was extremely moving.

“Dear Michael, My mother forbade me to meet again. Forgive me! You must know that I love you and I will always love you. Anna “, it was written on the note.

The person who found the wallet decided to look for the one who had written the letter, but because he did not have an address, he had to inquire at the post office and thus found out the phone number.

When he called that number and asked about Anna, he found out that he was actually talking to her daughter and that Anna was being taken to a nursing home.

The man went to the asylum and was allowed to visit Anna, and when he showed her the letter, the woman told him excitedly that the man’s name was Michael Goldstein and that he had written this letter to her when she was 16 years old.

Anna also asked the one who found her wallet to tell Michel, if she could find him, that she had never been married and that she had continued to love him all her life.

Leaving the asylum, the man found out from the gatekeeper that he knew Michael, who lived on the other side of the asylum.

The guard, together with the man, went to Michael, told him that his wallet had been found, but that they had also found Anna!

The old man was moved to tears and explained to them that he had not been married all this time either, continuing to love Anna.

After only three weeks, these lovers of a lifetime got married and crowned the love that was forbidden to them in their youth.