James Green always wanted to have more children, he said he was born just to be a dad.

When their fifth child was born with cerebral palsy, the two told themselves they would have no more children, but the woman soon became pregnant again.

However, just 12 weeks after the birth of the last baby boy, James died in his sleep.

James and Chloe have loved each other since childhood. The two married when Chloe was only 17 years old. Then Leo – their first child – appeared in their lives.

After that, Levius was born, then Oliver, then Megan. The mother was very happy!

After the birth of Miley, who was born with cerebral palsy, the couple told themselves that they already have enough children.

But a year later Chloe became pregnant again, according to perfectmedia.tv.

Everyone who knew them considered them perfect parents, shared their roles equally and their children, although sick, were very happy.

Twelve weeks after the birth of their last child, Chloe woke up and noticed that her husband was not getting out of bed.

It was only when she looked at him more closely that she realized she was out of breath and had a heart attack.

Although she called for help, it was too late. At only 27, she was a widow.

For the sake of her big and beautiful family, she understood that she had to continue, to remain strong and brave, to overcome difficulties with her head held high.

She says she is grateful to her husband for the 8 children who enriched her life in thousands of ways.

Chloe’s friends and relatives raised $ 10,000 for her so that at least in this way to support this mother-heroine, we wish her prosperity and happiness.