Carrie Kosinski, a 28-year-old lady who has always desired a large family, shares her extraordinary experience in this article.

She and her husband Craig decided to visit a doctor to learn the cause of her infertility after several fruitless efforts. The doctors came to the conclusion that Carrie and her husband Craig won’t be able to conceive naturally after a series of tests and several procedures.

The woman’s ambitions to have a big family fell through as a result of this news, and Carrie suffered from depression.

The lives of the two spouses would drastically change two years later. When one of Carrie’s friends became pregnant, she asked whether she would be interested in adopting the kid.

She accepted the proposition right away without pausing to think it through. They were overjoyed and eagerly anticipating the birth of the much-anticipated kid. Carrie and her husband discovered that it was actually a set of twins a few months later. Adalynn and Kenna, two healthy and lovely twins, were thus born on February 28, 2014.

The twins were welcomed home by the Kosinski, who also decorated their bedroom. Thereafter, there were many restless nights as well as many happy ones for the new parents.

One year after the twins’ birth, Carrie’s former acquaintance got in touch with them and asked if they would be interested in adopting the other set of twins they had, JJ and CeCe. Unbelievable but real, the twins were born on February 28, 2013, the same day as their siblings.

Despite the fact that they had previously adopted two sets of twins, Carrie underwent in vitro fertilization and eventually became pregnant. She was overjoyed to finally be able to have a biological kid.

The shock came when Carrie learned she was expecting twins during an ultrasound. To prepare the home for the addition of two more family members, the Kosinskis had to redecorate again.

And to add to the wonder, Carrie had twins on the same day, February 28.

There is never a dull moment at home, according to Carrie. You don’t have time to become bored when there are so many kids in the family. Children play and have fun from dawn till night. “It’s like having a kindergarten right here at home.”

All of Carrie’s acquaintances asked as to whether she had intended for the deliveries to occur on the same day as all twin pairs were delivered through cesarean section. Nothing was planned, the mother said; she delivered birth at 24 weeks. The only thing they had planned was to adopt the kids, but they are still having financial difficulties and were unable to adopt the first set of twins.

The adoption costs $18,000, and the young family is entirely reliant on Craig’s accounting pay, which is his main source of money.

The couple claimed that despite the challenges, they still want to have more kids.