Losing someone close to you can be upsetting, especially if you had a special bond with them.

And holidays can be particularly difficult when you were previously happy with that person and now have to accept that nothing will be the same.

But some things, the most precious recollections, some personal items of the lost person, and his words, remain in our mind for a lifetime.

After decades of marriage, a woman lost her spouse last year. His nephew, seeing how difficult it was for his grandparents to be alone, decided to do something special in honor of his grandfather.

He couldn’t have made a better decision. Jason constructed a pillow out of one of his grandfather’s old shirts so that his grandma could always hug him, even if it was in the form of a pillow when it was difficult for him.

It’d be a good idea to purchase some napkins because the moment he sees the gift, he’ll be overcome with emotion.