For 12 years, a mother of two kept her face hidden, and nobody knew what she looked like. All of this happened up until the day she made the decision to remove her veil in front of the public and expose the truth about her husband. What was it that the woman had been keeping secret for so long?

At the age of 28, Saundra Crockett’s life—a mother of two—took a horrible turn. The woman’s life was typical; she and her husband raised their two children. Instead, over time, her spouse started acting strangely.

Over time, Saundra’s husband began to physically and emotionally abuse her, causing the woman excruciating pain and damage. The woman made the decision to remain silent and cover her wounds with a mask. All of this continued up until the day the woman finally gave in to the pain and went to the hospital.

The woman’s face had been so badly damaged by her husband’s beatings that an infection started to eat away through her flesh.

The medical professionals were surprised when they examined her after she arrived at the hospital. Due to the virus, the woman had just three days to live. Instead, the woman managed to survive thanks to her inner fortitude and the work of the medical staff.

She was strong once she recovered and was able to save herself and her children from her husband’s cruel behavior.

Saundra decided to conceal her highly impacted face from the sorrows she was feeling after the dark period she had experienced. Sh e took this decision because she was afraid of what other people might think, and she believed the best defense was to always wear a mask while he was in public.

She continued doing this until one day she met Deborah Alessi, who had started a non-profit organization for women who had been mistreated by men and had also endured horrible agony brought on by the man sitting next to her. This group supports women who have experienced domestic violence.

Deborah assisted Saundra to get back on her feet, and Deborah’s husband, a surgeon, gave her a free face reshaping procedure so she could open her left eye and eat properly.

Currently, Saundra is happy and doesn’t hesitate to reveal her genuine self while also lending a hand to other mistreated women.