Even though Sarah Ferguson, commonly known as “Fergie,” is no longer a member of the Royal Family, the public still adores her.

She just revealed heartbreaking information about her health. Continue reading to learn more.

A representative for the Duchess of York confirmed some unfortunate news regarding Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, a former member of the British royal family. “Sarah, Duchess of York, was recently diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer, which was discovered at a routine mammogram screening,” the statement read. After learning that she required surgery, which was successful, she was told.

According to the statement, the Duchess receives the best medical care, and her prognosis is good. Currently, her family is assisting with her recovery. The Duchess wants to sincerely thank all the medical experts who have recently helped her.

She thanked the medical staff in the statement for identifying the problem and caring for her. She also expresses gratitude to the mammography team for identifying her disease, which was largely symptom-free. She believes that her experience proves the importance of routine screening.

According to reports, the Duchess maintains an optimistic outlook and even recorded one episode of her podcast before surgery.

The Duchess of York’s first spouse was Prince Andrew. Eugenie and Beatrice, princesses, are their joint offspring. Sarah was absent when King Charles participated in the Trooping of Color to commemorate his first birthday. She didn’t attend the concert but didn’t go to the real coronation either.

“I believe that the queen’s death has also somewhat emancipated me. For 62 or 63 years, my purpose has been to defend Her Majesty’s principles and be extremely loyal.” She was more like a moth to my flame. Sarah remained close to her former mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, even after she and Prince Andrew divorced.

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