Sean Whalen is familiar with the pain and suffering that accompany a difficult divorce. He definitely remembers coming home as a little child only to find that his father had changed the locks. After a heated argument earlier that day, Sean, his mother, and his younger brother were unexpectedly evicted from their house, leaving them on their own.

Sean is starting to understand the strength and perseverance his mother shown in raising him and his brother over all odds now that he is a single father of three growing children.

Sean just had dinner with his kid at a Chinese restaurant. Their humble waiter immediately caught his attention since he reminded him of someone. “Over small talk and drink refills, I got the vibe that this single mom didn’t want to be there but had to be there and she was trying to smile,” Sean said on Facebook. “It crushed my heart,”

Sean was reminded of his mother by the kind but overworked waiter.

Instead of merely paying his bill and leaving the Chinese restaurant, Sean did something nice for the server. I nearly promise you’ll be moved by it when you see it.


The day my parents separated is immortalized in my mind.

I’m having a furious dispute with my dad.

We leave because my father is driving my mother, my younger brother, and I insane.

We spent the night in a motel.

When we came back the next day, my father had changed the locks.

I observed my mother begging him to let us in so we could get clothing and other items through the door.

He disagreed.

We had to make our return later that day with a police escort.”

“The police officers gave me a black garbage bag and told me I had 10 minutes to take what I needed. I will never forget it.

I never again set foot inside the house where I was raised after that. I stuffed the bag with as many clothes as I could.

I even left my darling turtle behind.

I moved into a little condo with my mother, my younger brother, and no money.

Meals were brought over, along with pots, pans, sofas, and mattresses from the church’s membership.

When my father almost cashed out the bank, my mother physically had no money in her pocket.

She was powerless to change the situation.

Basically, only church members who are strangers could assist.

I still have no idea how she managed to do it.”

“I don’t know how she kept going sometimes.

I remember walking past mom’s room numerous times and seeing her on her knees in prayer.

I can only guess what she and God were talking about during those conversations.

I can’t imagine how many tears flowed down this kind woman’s face as she begged God for mercy.

I’ve had some pretty bad anguish in my day.

This single mother of two sons persisted despite my many doubts.”

“I know that my tip won’t be enough to pay her rent. I’m conscious that my tip won’t be enough to pay for her kids’ braces. I understand that my tip won’t be enough to keep the fridge supplied.

However, tonight I hoped that somehow it would make her smile, making her happier when she returned to her kids than when she had left them.

I don’t really understand her story. But I don’t have to. This waitress reminded me of my mother who kept going through all the problems. I hope I made her day better.”

“Respect for hardworking single mothers.

You are lovely, and the job you do will be appreciated by future generations.

Mom I treasure you.

You are my hero.”

What a beautiful, heartbreaking tale of love and loss. Sean’s words are really inspiring since being a single parent takes a lot of courage and tenacity. Please SHARE this with your Facebook friends if you agree.