A touching video of a man walking with his young child and a giant dog in his arms has gone viral on the internet, confounding but enchanting viewers.

An image of a father holding his young son’s hand with one arm while carrying a giant gray pit bull with the other, the dog’s tongue wagging as its head hung over the man’s shoulder, was recorded on camera by Mexican Luz Elena.

The father, dog, and boy are shown crossing the street and continuing down the sidewalk in Elena’s adorable and amusing TikTok movie, “When your priority is your dog, not the child,” a discussion starter about family priorities.

The group of three appeared to be joined as they reached the sidewalk by a lady following closely behind and pulling a child’s three-wheeled stroller or bike carrying a large boxed item.

According to a TikTok user, the child had to walk because his mother had stolen his vehicle. “No one noted the mother pushing the tricycle in the rear. Mom put something in the trike, so the child is now walking. Perhaps the dog is ill?”

Others countered that the puppy should be carried because the sidewalk was too hot for the dog’s paws, and the child’s shoes protected the child’s feet. One person says, “This is sweet. The man is carrying him since it’s probably too hot for his paws to be on the pavement.”

Most people commended the father for carrying the puppy, demonstrating the growing trend of non-traditional, interspecies families, which are now frequently completed with a furry child.

Because he holds his son by the hand, “he is (demonstrating) a great deal of empathy and responsibility for his pet and his son. Another person adds: “Super dad. I know how much he loves the kid and the dog. I would have followed suit. The kid is wearing shoes, but the dog is not. It also seems heated.”

Despite being shared by Luz more than a year ago, this adorable video continues to receive a lot of attention and has received nearly 4.7 million views.


The way this father shows his affection for his dog and child is lovely! We wish that everyone had the same level of compassion for animals. How do you feel about this father?