Every person’s life is made more special by welcoming a new family member. Kathie Lee Gifford, a former co-host of the Today Show, just provided a great update about her life.

Kathie Lee Gifford welcomed her first grandchild into the world last year. The proud grandmother was beaming for the first time. She published a post on social media after her son and daughter-in-law received their first child, writing, “celebrating with my son and his lovely wife and their love for one another. This is a gift from God, given in His time and way.”

She posted a picture of her five-month-old grandson on Twitter at the end of last month, along with the caption, “My precious little bubble wants to wish you all a blessed Thursday.”

François “Frankie” Cody and Erika Gifford, the son of Gifford, had a son on May 31.

On Instagram, Erika announced the news and called it “the best day of our lives.”

“Frank Michael Gifford, or ‘Frankie,’ has forever changed our lives. He arrived at a staggering 8 pounds, 8 ounces three weeks early. We overflow with love and gratitude for God’s most priceless gift.”

The couple, who started dating in 2013 and got married in 2020, gave Cody’s father, Hall of Fame football hero Frank Gifford, the honor of being the namesake of their first child.

Now that Gifford’s 29-year-old daughter Cassidy has announced the birth of her child, the Gifford family has grown by one. In June 2020, Cassidy and Ben Wierda exchanged vows.

When she told about the birth of her child on social media, she wrote, “Our whole universe. Thomas Wierda, Finn 6.24.2023. You know, buddy, we love you so much. I thank the Lord for this priceless gift.”

Cassidy, you and Ben are a wonder, wrote Grandma Kathie Lee Gifford in the comment area to convey her delight. How you care for your newborn Finn, the best of both of you, is such a lovely expression of the love you two share. Gifford composed. Praise be to the God of families, our loving LORD! I am so happy for you and with you that I can hardly contain myself.

Gifford stated that she would instead be referred to as Bubbeh than Grandma. Erika, the sister-in-law of the new mother, also left a comment on the article with the words, “Little buddy, love our precious nephew so much.”

Cody and Erika only recently made their second pregnancy known. Gifford will soon become a grandma to three grandchildren!

The Gifford family is over the moon at this good news! We wish them success as they welcome the newest member of their clan. People interested in learning more about Kathie Lee Gifford’s life should read this article.