The prognosis is frequently dismal when horrific catastrophes happen, and victims are involved. A young child was also injured in this accident and placed in a coma, but now a miracle has occurred.

On May 25, 10-year-old Rielynn Martin was involved in a watercraft accident. On Memorial Day, two boats collided, causing the catastrophe. “We went out to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend, and we go to the lake a lot,” her father Chad Martin, said. “My kids love being outside.”

Little Rielynn flew from the boat and struck the other boat’s propeller as the boats met. The young child was taken urgently to the hospital. “It crushed her skull and is embedded in her brain,” Martin remarked.

She, therefore, had brain tissue that was injured. They corrected the damaged area of the skull by positioning it, inserting a plate, and bolting it.

“Prayers are essential. My daughter’s journey to where she is now was paved with prayer. Medical bills are going to be extremely expensive.” The worried father stated it would be difficult.

The young child underwent emergency surgery, and as a result, she was in a coma and unable to breathe independently. But now it appears as though a miracle has happened!

There was a joyful update on her Facebook page called “Rally for Rielynn!” The young girl’s family decided to remove her from life support because she could breathe independently. “She is awake!!” her mother stated in a health update.

“We were all recognized by her. She is now breathing independently after we turned off her vent. She wiggled her toes after I pulled off her sock. She nodded in agreement when her father asked whether she wanted her sock put back on.”

This is a big relief for her family and for everyone who has been praying for the tiny child. Following the incident, the family started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for their young girl’s medical expenses.

Even though she has now regained consciousness, she is still far from being entirely recovered. We wish her a successful and safe voyage.

The happy news has surely brought the family comfort even though they have gone through a lot. Inform your loved ones about Rielynn’s impressive health update!