Families frequently take pictures together, hire a photographer, and smile for the camera because many parents desire official portraits of their families.

Despite the many smiles that can be seen, this is often a very pleasant occasion. However, one family photo throws internet users over the edge with one particularly unsettling element.

Recognize it? We don’t blame you because it’s rather simple to overlook. Here’s a hint: look at the picture’s left side.

Well done if you’ve found it! What a strange thing.

Look at the arm of the younger youngster if you haven’t already. Whose hand is on it, exactly?

RelayHero reports that numerous people have developed theories regarding the phantom arm.

The first is that a ghost owns the hand. Whether or not you believe in the spiritual realm, it seems to generate some supernatural belief.

The second is a little more realistic. Some think the middle, older child was added to the picture using a clever computer program and that it’s the mother’s arm.

Take another look, then make your judgment.

In any case, this is strange and creepy. We are curious about this family and whether they have any answers. That arm belongs to who?

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