When we use the word “ugly” to describe a person we must understand that this word can be quite subjective because what we find beautiful or ugly may seem the opposite to other people.

Also, the focus of beauty has changed a lot over the years, and what we consider beautiful now maybe in 5 or 10 years we will consider it ugly.

For these reasons we must be quite careful when we characterize something or someone as beautiful or ugly.

Let’s take the example of a Russian woman who got married a few years ago and received a lot of mean comments about the way she looks.

Although people did not know her, they would not shy away from laughing at her and commenting on her body. Six years later the woman looks completely different.

In 2011 the couple was very much in love, which is why they decided to share this with their virtual friends, believing that it is a moment of happiness and others will be happy for them as well.

However, this did not happen because we all know that most of the time people on the internet show their negative face.

After the couple posted wedding pictures on Facebook, the malicious comments appeared immediately.

The pictures went viral in a short time and the comments about the bride’s appearance were innumerable.

Although it was the people who supported her and congratulated her on the wedding, most people laughed at her.

Fortunately, the two did not take into account the comments received because they were happy that they got married and did not care about what some strangers on the internet have to say.

This is the attitude we should all have if we are in a similar situation. We need to realize that every person behind the screen has their own problems and frustrations that they show on social media to make others feel bad as well.

Many comments said that the wedding was a lie and there is an interest in the middle that will be discovered sooner or later and the two will separate.

Neither the groom nor the bride were “standards” of beauty for the society in which we live, which is why there were so many negative comments.

However, it is not the appearance that really matters, but what the person next to us makes us feel.

For each of us, it matters that when we get home with our partner we feel comfortable, safe and loved, regardless of whether the partner is a little shorter than us or has a few extra pounds, for example. For that couple, the wedding day was a happy one, exactly as they wanted.

After a while, there was no talk about their wedding, as it happens on the internet. People comment until they make you feel bad and then everything is forgotten, no one cares how you actually feel.

The two lived their lives quietly, as they wanted from the beginning, but unfortunately for them the wedding pictures went viral.

However, after a while a reporter rediscovered them. The reporter was thinking about what else to publish to get the public’s attention until he remembered this story a few years ago and decided to look to see what else was going on in their lives. He managed to find them quite quickly.

The two were still together and seemed to be very happy in their marriage.

However, the “ugliest bride in the world” looks completely different so you wouldn’t be able to recognize her if you didn’t know who she was.

Her transformation was complete, from weight loss to hair and her new style of dress. As you can see in the picture below, it is clear that the bride wanted to completely change her appearance and did everything she could to achieve this.

Now people were wondering if she made this decision to completely change because she didn’t feel good in her own body and didn’t trust herself, especially after the comments she received about her wedding.

Apparently she decided to change because she simply wanted to look different for both herself and her husband, although he was already in love with her and never asked her to change anything about the way she looked.

The two are still together and nothing has changed in her marriage with her change.

Her husband already treated her wonderfully before he married her and told her daily how beautiful she was and how much he loved her.

Almost no one looks according to the beauty standards imposed by the society we live in, not even the models we want to be like look the way we see them in magazines and on social media because their pictures are very edited, and in reality they look exactly like we look.

People comment on the internet when they see that other people are happy and they want to ruin this happiness a little because they are not actually happy in their own lives either. That is why we must not let social media and people on the internet affect us and make us feel bad.