Fortunately, in recent years diversity has gained more place in the lives of people around the world and more and more people who look different are included in our lives and other people are trying to make those persons feel that we are all same. These people fully deserve this, and sometimes they prove to us that they can be even better than us, the “normal” people. In the end, I think it would be very strange for all people to look the same and behave the same.

Although diversity has increased in most areas, in some areas it is better seen and accepted than in others. However, the general message is very clear to everyone: we do not all have to be “a standard”, and people who are more different can be as capable as everyone else, and in some situations and areas may be even more capable than us.

Let’s take the example of Kennedy Garcia, a newborn with Down syndrome who was advised by doctors to be institutionalized. Doctors tried to tell the girl’s mother that her life would be very difficult as an adult because she suffered from Down syndrome. Doctors believed that the girl would need to wear diapers when she will be an adult and she will not be able to manage on her own, so it is better to take her to a specialist facility where she could live peacefully.

Renee Garcia knew she would never abandon her own baby, so she didn’t even want to hear what the doctors had to say. Renee was right and time has shown. Fiica ei has competed in state-wide competitions and modeled for leading brands across the United States. She also managed to beat the cancer.

Renee said the doctors portrayed her baby as a dark future, but they had no way of knowing what was going to happen.

Renee said she felt she had no trace of optimism and did not know what to do, until a wonderful midwife told her that her little girl was gorgeous and looked like her daughter who also had this condition. Renee did not know what this condition meant and what her daughter’s future would look like, so she asked the midwife if she could walk. The midwife told Renee that her daughter is already 16 years old and of course she can walk.

Kennedy Garcia has shown everyone that we can overcome our own condition. She has posed for American Girl and Justice Clothing and Dream Talent Management represents her. She travels frequently for various roles and auditions and has a boyfriend, Matthew, who also has Down syndrome.

Renee always says she can’t believe how ignorant the doctors were when they told her to abandon her daughter, especially since this only happened 15 years ago, so not very far in the past. Fortunately, nothing the doctors said is true, and Renee loves her daughter very much and sees her just like any other child.

Renee and her daughter have visited several schools to teach others what Down syndrome is and how they may help others who have it. Kennedy Garcia has over 130,000 followers on Instagram because many people love her. Her mother is very proud of her daughter and is happy for everything the little girl has managed to accomplish by this age. They also can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Kennedy’s story is very beautiful and inspiring for people who may not yet know what Down syndrome means. Renne taught Kennedy that she can get everything she wants and she should never feel less good than other people, because that is not true.

We must leave behind this thought that people suffering from Down syndrome cannot succeed in life because they can accomplish wonderful things and it is worth giving them every chance that is given to any person.

Below you can see a video about the story of Kennedy and her amazing family.