Many members of the British royal family, notably Prince Harry, who has never precisely agreed with Queen Consort Camilla on anything, have infamously tough and complicated relationships with one another.

The link between Camilla and King Charles III dates back much farther, to a time before Charles and Diana were ever married. Camilla married the king in 2005, one year after the passing of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

Long-running allegations concerning the nature of Camilla and Prince Harry’s relationship have recently started to gain more credibility as Harry has assumed a less prominent position within the royal family. These speculations have started to reveal some details about the nature of the power relationship between Camilla and Harry.

Harry’s statements were described as “nasty.”

A royal biographer named Angela Levin claims that Prince Harry has not been very kind to his stepmother, Camilla and that she considers him to be among the cruelest people she has ever encountered.

“You couldn’t be more correct about it, in fact. I came to the conclusion that the situation required reorganization.” Levin responded as follows when asked if “Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort” was an effort to rectify the historical record.

“One was The Crown, which was really cruel to her, and the other was Prince Harry, who had also said some really unpleasant things about her,” the royal biographer went on.

Even though William has been outspoken in his support of Camilla ever since she became the Queen Consort, their relationship hasn’t always been one of the best in the world.

One myth that [Royal PR expert Mark] Boland purposefully promoted and disseminated was that Prince Charles and Prince William had become enamored of Camilla. But at most, they were prepared to put up with her The Palace Papers included contributions from yet another royal expert, Tina Brown.

At Highgrove, Charles’ estate in Gloucestershire, Harry was still vehemently complaining to friends that Camilla had converted his former bedroom into a chic dressing room for herself while he was in his early 30s.