Tattoo addict inks 95 percent of his body, reveals what he looked like just 5 years ago

Tattoos have long been a popular form of self-expression. While some opt for smaller designs, there are those who go all out and transform their entire bodies into works of art.

One such individual is Tristan Weigelt, a 26-year-old tattoo apprentice who has boldly covered 95 percent of his body in tattoos. Recently, he shared remarkable before and after photos that showcased his incredible transformation.

Weigelt’s tattoo journey began when he was 20 years old. Looking back at his pre-tattoo appearance, he admits it feels surreal to see himself without the intricate body art. Yet, despite his dramatic change in appearance, he emphasizes that he still feels like the same person on the inside.

Getting tattoos on sensitive areas like his face and head was a particularly painful process for Weigelt. Describing the sensation as being scraped with a metal brush, he endured six full day sessions that lasted between five and six hours each. The pain ranked as an eight out of ten on his personal scale.

Unlike many people who choose tattoos with deep meanings or hidden messages, Weigelt’s body art holds no specific significance. Instead, he encourages others considering tattoos to prioritize personal preference and individual style. In his opinion, if you love a design, then it’s the right choice for you.

Over the course of five years, Weigelt invested $50,000 into his tattoos. His incredible transformation serves as a reminder that self-expression comes in many forms. While his journey is undoubtedly inspiring, it may not necessarily be a path that everyone is willing to take.

Reflecting upon Weigelt’s story, it’s fascinating to see the way in which tattoos can completely alter a person’s appearance. The decision to cover the body in tattoos is a bold and personal choice, one that should be approached with careful consideration and a strong sense of self.