Sadie Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, are expecting a daughter to join their daughter Honey.

While bearing her second kid, Sadie Robertson believes her body has a new purpose.

On Taylor Lautner and his wife Taylor Dome’s podcast, The Squeeze, the Duck Dynasty alum opened up about how her body image evolved following her second pregnancy.

“I remember it shaped a lot of body image stuff for me because your body takes on a whole new meaning,” Roberton, 25, explained to the episode’s co-hosts.

“Suddenly, every part of your body is used for the sake of another life, so it simply takes the attention off of you and puts it on something so much greater, and that transforms so much of who you are,” she went on.

“It increases your ability, strength, and confidence. It helped me become less superficial “Robertson elaborated on how her first pregnancy and parenthood prepared her for her second child.

“My stomach is no longer aiming to be the flattest or fittest. Now it’s like, wow, I’m producing life within myself as it grows.”

“Perspective can kill you or perspective can make you,” Robertson told Yahoo Life in February 2022 of her challenges when pregnant with her first kid, 21-month-old Honey James Huff.

“From week seven to week twenty-four, I puked every day. It’s not like I had a flawless pregnancy, “She told the publication at the time. “Yet, at the end of the day, appreciation eliminates many feelings of dread and uncertainty you may experience.”

She uploaded an Instagram picture in April 2021 with progress photos of her developing tummy while pregnant with Honey.

“Growing: getting more significant over time; increasing. You make me a better person, baby darling. I always wish to see progress, no matter how painful it may be… as a positive thing. Because such is the case,” Robertson captioned it.

Last November, Roberton and her husband, Christian Huff, announced they were expecting their second child together.

“Another little miracle is in action,” the couple captioned the sweet photo of the family of three, which featured Robertson clutching a strip of ultrasound photos.

A few weeks later, the couple discovered they were expecting a girl during a gender reveal party when Huff swung a baseball bat, hitting a ball that erupted with pink smoke.

They lovingly announced that they were “team female” after learning the gender of their second child.

In December, Robertson recently posted on Instagram about her expanding baby bulge, writing, “Hello, second trimester! It’s great to see you! I’m grateful for everything. God bless you!”