The actress and TV personality reflects her first Oscars look ahead of the film industry’s biggest night.

Drew Barrymore is reflecting on her early days in show business.

In a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress discussed her dress to her first Academy Awards with Ross Mathews and fashion designer Christian Siriano.

Siriano reflected on one of his favorite Oscars looks of all time, Drew Barrymore’s 1982 pink tulle gown paired with a pearl necklace and white faux fur stole, which she wore to the Oscars shortly after starring in her first role as Gertie in E.T.

“Now, I’m going to transport you back to 1982, when this gorgeous, stunning – you might recognize her, she’s pretty charming – um, Drew Barrymore,” Siriano remarked, introducing Barrymore’s throwback moment.

“That never gets old. Drew is arriving at the Oscars in her little imitation fur but with the biggest pearls, and I’m like, ‘Are those real, girl? ‘I mean, wow.’”

When the fashion designer brought up the moment, Barrymore immediately began reflecting on the story behind the dress, telling the audience how significant the outfit was.

“My mother was a single working mother. We didn’t make much money off E.T., scarcely any, it was 1982, and I was, you know, a child,” she recalled, adding, “We purchased it off the rack, and that was the look.”

“And now it’s iconic,” RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Ross Mathews said immediately after the brief story.

Barrymore looked back at 20 years of her show-stopping ensembles for the relaunch of People StyleWatch as a digital edition and noted that her love for fashion extends back to her childhood on film sets, where she would learn from costume pros about what it takes to make clothes look beautiful.

“I grew up in tailoring houses, watching how people cut things, tailor them, and change them based on what was appropriate for that decade or what was better for that person’s body type,” Barrymore explained. “It’s an education by which I live.”

Her best advice, regardless of trends, is to choose silhouettes and designs that are authentic to you.

“Don’t get stuck; do what works best for you and your body, and set your own rules,” she said. “Because, ultimately, you’re distracted if you’re not comfortable. Because you want to feel liberated and powerful.”