Anheuser-Busch may be in a state of disarray due to its marketing blunder, but Kid Rock is not. His publicist claims that the misfortune of the beer is quite valuable to him.

Publicist Joe Barron said, “Kid has made about $30 million so far, and that number will probably double over the next few months.”

Shooting the cans, according to Kid Rock in an interview with Larry Lubiner, the head of his Facebook fan club, was “the greatest moment of his career.”

A guy added shotgun shells for impact, firing roughly 30 rounds at three beer cases. In the two cases, they were able to hit, they collectively achieved a stunning accuracy rate of 38%.

Since that fantastic second, Kid Rock’s popularity has increased. He first inked a deal worth more than $120 million with Pabst to supply all the beer for his “No Snowflakes” tour, and then he signed an agreement with American Patriot beer for an undisclosed sum since I haven’t read that one yet.

The reverse keeps occurring to Bud Light while all this fantastic stuff continues to happen to Kid Rock. One would assume they would have learned their lesson after conservatives canceled them in 2017.

Sadly, no. While Kid Rock is a rockstar, the corporation is headed for certain destruction. Godspeed to the USA.