One of Hollywood’s most recognizable figures, Jack Nicholson, is regarded as one of the most outstanding performers of his time. He was always known as a high-profile star who could frequently be seen the first row at the Oscars and courtside at Lakers games.

In recent years, Nicholson, who turns 86 this month, has mostly disappeared from the public eye. However, media sources recently released paparazzi images of the actor, the first of him in over a year, saying he was “unrecognizable” and “disheveled.”

But as he ages, supporters speak up in his support and plead with detractors to stop.

The paparazzi photographed Nicholson as he left his Beverly Hills home. They were the 85-year-old actor’s first images in 18 months, following his unusual appearance at a LA Lakers game in October 2021.

Several publications published the images and seemed to be critical of Nicholson’s appearance: He was described as “disheveled” by The Daily Mail and “unrecognizable” by Fox News for his role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

However, many fans criticized the reporting and the photographer, claiming that Jack was unwinding at his home and shouldn’t have been seen on camera.

What are the vile people that took those pictures without his consent? Tweeted one Twitter user. “In his own house, he can do whatever he wants!”

Others have objected to media reports characterizing him as “disheveled” or “unrecognizable,” claiming he still resembles his former self and that anyone would appear disheveled after getting up in the morning.

Why is it that some think Jack Nicholson, at age 85, looks awful? Leave him alone. He looks like an 85-year-old, a Twitter user remarked.

Others who commented on his appearance agreed, saying Nicholson looked fantastic for his age.

Jack Nicholson, recognized as one of the greatest actors of all time, made memorable appearances in movies including One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Chinatown, Batman, The Shining, A Few Good Men, Terms of Endearment, and The Departed during his time in Hollywood.

With 12 nominations, he has received the most male actor nominations in Academy Awards history. He has the uncommon distinction of having won three Oscars.

However, he hasn’t been seen in a movie since How Do You Know (2010), which has many fans wondering if he’s retired or has health problems.

According to someone who spoke to Radar Online in 2013, Nicholson left acting “without fanfare” because of memory loss. “Jack has memory issues and can no longer remember the lines being asked of him,” the person claimed.

However, Nicholson refuted the claims that he suffered from memory loss, telling The Sun that he had a “mathematician’s brain.” However, he acknowledged that he was no longer “driven” to appear in Hollywood movies: “I’m not going to work until the day I die,” he declared.

“I’m not required to be outside any longer. The movie industry is the best, but I only want to make films that touch viewers’ emotions and focus on people. The most horrifying thought crossed my mind: perhaps people in their twenties and thirties no longer desire to be moved. Because it is what they have experienced growing up, they might simply want to see more bombs and explosions. And I won’t ever act in a film like that.

During the past ten years, Nicholson has maintained a modest profile by declining new projects and making infrequent public appearances. According to some accounts, Nicholson’s health is poor, and there are hints that he may have dementia.

It’s unfair to judge Jack Nicholson’s appearance because he still appears to be himself in paparazzi photos. We send our best wishes to this illustrious actor!

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