Every mother yearns for a pregnancy that goes just as she had hoped. Although that just isn’t possible in many circumstances. However, regardless of what happens, such mothers are only able to recognize love in their children.

A lady who gave birth to a child with Down syndrome just wanted her doctor to comment on how “wonderful” the child was. But the doctor advised her to discontinue the pregnancy instead of showing her love and sympathy.

Later, she wrote the doctor a letter to express how uncomfortable she was with his response to her child who had down syndrome.

Emersyn has Down syndrome, and her mother is Courtney Williams Baker. She saw her doctor for general pre-natal checkups before Emersyn was born.

At that point, she learned that her pregnant child had Down syndrome. She and her boyfriend were overwhelmed with anxiety when the doctor advised them to abort the baby, rather than the joyful appointment of hearing the baby’s heartbeat. They rejected the advice.

Courtney made the decision to write a letter to her doctor in 2016, which was two years after Emersyn was born. It began by mentioning her friend, who had also delivered a child with Down syndrome. “A friend recently told me of how, throughout her sonograms, her prenatal specialist would remark, “He’s perfect,” wrote Courtney.

“She went to the same doctor after learning that her son had Down syndrome.  Her story tore me to pieces. Even though I was incredibly appreciative of my friend’s experience, I was also incredibly saddened by it because of what I should have experienced.”

“You’ve never been honest with me”

Courtney said she wished she had received the same care as her friend, but her doctor had suggested an abortion due to the condition of her unborn child. ” I wish you had been that doctor,” she wrote. “I came to you at a really trying moment in my life because I was afraid, worried, and hopeless.

I genuinely wanted you to tell me the truth about my baby because I didn’t know it yet. But instead of giving us advice and encouragement, you advised us to put our child to death. You questioned us once more about whether we realized how much lower our quality of life would be if we had a child with Down syndrome after I gave you her name. You advised us to reevaluate our choice to carry the pregnancy.”

Courtney found it challenging to look forward to her appointments given the doctor’s responses. ” We hated our appointments ever after that initial visit,” she stated. “Because you lied to me, the most trying time in my life was rendered almost intolerable. My child was flawless.”

Courtney continued by describing how Emersyn, her child who had Down syndrome, had given her life new purpose. “As you can see, Emersyn has not only improved our quality of life but also won the hearts of countless people.

She has given us a reason to live and a delight that is unimaginable, as well as greater smiles, more laughing, and sweeter kisses than we have ever experienced. She has helped us see real beauty and genuine affection.”

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