“Dreamcatchers for Abused Children” posted a sneak peek of a boy who brought the entire world to tears on Facebook.

This organization aims to support and care for children who have endured any sort of abuse within the family.

Children who are mistreated by their parents are taken away from their home and transferred to a facility where they get support, care, and understanding.

So that they can live peaceful, abuse-free lives, the young children then look for an adoptive family to provide for them and love them unconditionally.

The child’s biological parents have abused him, and he is from Oklahoma. The boy spent several years being maltreated and starved by both of his alcoholic parents.

The boy was denied the delights of childhood and the great experiences typical of his age.

After the neighbors called the police, the boy was taken from his biological parents and given into the care of “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.”

The organization’s volunteers found an adoptive home for the child swiftly while he was still looking for one to provide him a normal life.

After learning that he would be adopted by a new family, the boy wrote a letter to them outlining his aspirations for his new home.

This is a list of things that an Oklahoma foster child wants. When we consider how terrible things are for us, we must always keep the children who have nothing in mind.

“Things I desire from my family.
I want food and water.
I want my family to never hit me.
A home with electricity and running water.
I need love.

Parents don’t argue.
No drugs in the house.
Don’t hurt my animals.
Help with homework

Clean clothers
No bugs in the house.
A clean house.
Covers on a tidy bed.

Do not sell my toys.
I want to be treated righteously.
Don’t get drunk.
TV in the home.

I want to keep my school supplies.
Nice shoes
My personal comb soap 
A nice house which is safe