Denzel Washington recently said in an interview that he turned down a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe worth more than $30 million. His reasoning was his indifference to what he thought to be a “woke” plot.

Washington claimed he was approached about playing an important character whose covert homosexuality would eventually be disclosed, a concept that did not sit well with him.

While Washington did not elaborate on the persona he was offered, Marvel fans theorized that it could have been Thanos or Groot, despite their assurances that these were not the characters he was offered.

Given Marvel’s huge array of characters, determining which superhero he was pitched to play is difficult. Some fans have even theorized on Agent Carter and Black Widow having a love relationship.

Washington has been open about his disinclination to participate in storylines that he considers “woke.” He believes that his acting talent is better employed in potentially award-winning films, such as his critically acclaimed appearance in “Remember the Titans.”

Despite receiving 11 awards from the Black Oscars, Washington has opted not to accept them. Instead, he proudly displays his three traditional Oscars atop his refrigerator.