Despite admitting that his secretary complained about having to listen to him “whine like a little girl,” the intimidating Breaking Bad actor who plays drug smuggler Tortuga was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Nonetheless, he ensured that this information remained private from his family and close friends.

He spoke about the experience while pitching his “wearable Viagra” product, Giddy. Giddy is a product designed to help men maintain an erection naturally.

Trejo claimed to be a fan of his product because he avoids taking tablets due to concerns about his liver’s health.

“I’m terrified to death of taking too many medicines, you know, I genuinely beat cancer on my liver, so I don’t want to start putting things in there,” he declared.

At the time of his diagnosis, doctors discovered a 10 cm tumor on his liver.

He went on to say that because of the size of his tumor, doctors were unable to administer chemotherapy and instead gave him “injections.”

There are a few injections available to treat liver cancer.

Trejo could be referring to a cancer treatment method called selective internal radiation.

The NHS explains: “To prevent cancer from spreading, radioactive beads are injected into your liver’s bloodstream.”

SIRT may be given to adults whose livers are too damaged for other treatments.

When he returned six months later, they told him, “You’re cancer-free,” he claimed. “They injected me right into the tumor three times with seven needles.”

“I was unable to tell anyone about my cancer.”

“I’ve always said that I’ve only endured in silence. My secretary responds, laughing, that ‘I had to listen to you whine like a little girl in silence.’

He even tried to maintain his weight while working, fearing that if word got out, his acting contract would be terminated.

Unintentional weight loss is one of the most common symptoms of liver cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK, there are 6,200 new cases of liver cancer in the UK each year.

The NHS describes the condition’s symptoms as fatigue and a lack of vitality.

You may also develop jaundice, characterized by the yellowing of your skin or eyes.

You may also experience flu-like symptoms or a bump on the right side of your abdomen.