While it’s understandable that children often resemble their parents, it’s especially noticeable when your mother is Beyoncé (the Queen of front-page news).

In recent photos, Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé, and Jay Z’s infant have been compared to the singer of Single Ladies. Even if the family resemblance doesn’t strike you (you’re in the minority), Blue’s maturity should persuade you to stick with him.

Photos of Blue Ivy watching the NBA Finals at San Francisco’s Chase Center drew immediate comparisons to her famous mother, a rising star at the time.

Blue was frequently mistaken for her father when she was younger, but now, as one Twitter user put it, “Blue Ivy stole Beyoncé’s entire face!”

“Beyoncé said copy and paste with Blue Ivy,” one fan joked, while another added, “Wow, wow, wow, had to remind me it wasn’t the 90s for a second.”

Putting aside their outward appearances, there was a very touching moment during the game when Jay Z held Blue Ivy’s arm (the two were courtside at the Golden State Warriors game against the Boston Celtics).

Most of us would give our left arm to have a celebrity do this to us, but Blue sees it as just another awkward father moment she wants to forget. “Dad, my hair,” she can be heard saying as she tries to break free from his grip.

This is something that excites us.

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