Several customers have been surprised to learn what the hook on shopping carts is for. We’ve all shopped at supermarkets at some point in our lives, and we always need to dump our bags, so we don’t have to hold them while pulling a hefty shopping cart around.

Such a predicament has given rise to several sensible and unworkable solutions, one of which would assist individuals while they shop. The best solution, or rather a gimmick perplexing shoppers, is just a hook-on shopping cart.

And, lest it is forgotten, these have been available in shopping carts for quite some time.

A TikTok account belonging to Woolworth’s Australia uploaded the hook on shopping carts hack. In the video, a store clerk says, “Woolworth’s trolley [shopping cart] hack.

Every trolley has a courtesy hook where you may put your hat or reusable bags, so you don’t have to lug them around the store.”

This caused quite a stir on the social networking platform, with many people commenting that they had no idea what was happening. “I was happy when I discovered that hook,” one person said.

And that is where I hang my shopping bags.” Another person was surprised that many were unaware of this earlier. “I thought everyone knew that,” they remarked.

It should be noted that similar hooks may be seen on shopping carts at various other supermarket stores in both the UK and North America. Look around for them.

Deborah Russell, a New Zealand MP, published this hack when she used the hook on shopping trolleys and tweeted a picture. In a tweet from 2019, the Labor MP said, “Shopping trolley innovation: a useful hook for bags.”

Her message quickly went viral, with many people expressing surprise that they were unaware of it. Some consumers also stated that the hooks were not available in every store. “I just learned that like a month ago- and I’ve been using trolleys for years,” one person continued. Who would have guessed?”

MP Russell’s tweet regarding the hook on shopping carts drew several responses. “Yes!” wrote one user later. It’s remarkable how many folks have no idea what they’re for. It’s very perplexing to see so those bags in trolleys.” “Wonderful, so much of the cart is taken up by bags,” said a third commenter.

One user seems disappointed by this desire for something they perceive to be natural. “Another completely incredible ‘hack’/ ‘I had NO IDEA OMG’ video on FB as, this time; some genius discovers that the bag hook on a shopping cart is a hook for hanging bags.

Never mind New Year’s resolutions; I could probably get through the entire year on the hatred I feel for people discovering the intended purpose of items decades into their absurd lives.”