Social media users will verify that 2022 was fun because of witty Reddit posts. Several of them were so amusing that one couldn’t help but laugh.

Therefore, here are the top 15 funniest Reddit posts from the previous year.

The family’s most cherished member is the dog.

The dog seemed to be pleased with the delivery. Please make certain that he also signed it.

A Terrible Time to Sneeze Hardly

Costco’s policy is that if you sneeze, you lose. “So Costco doesn’t re-take membership card photographs if you sneeze,” a Redditor writes.

If The Infant Was Concerned About The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a difficult time with children. So you must notify Tim Cook that your youngster is aware of the Apple Watch policy. Maybe she’ll pay attention.

Not what you want, but what you deserve?

Barista asked if she could make me a ‘free surprise coffee’ and return with this. You might not anticipate a dog to excrete after drinking coffee.

Pay the people who collect your garbage.

“My next-door neighbor ‘supposedly’ refused to pay the man who cleared his backyard. He’ll be returning home to see this surprise on his driveway.” Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the sentence.


Someone posted a duck photo with the message, “Everyone kept bashing their heads as they walked down my stairs, so I hung a caution sign.” Creative. 10/10.

It’s Sexy Time!

I had to keep sending seductive images to my wife while she was gone to remind her of what she gets at home.

The perfect husband—women all around the world must be sighing.


“My brother, who lives a few states away, mailed me a letter.” Vengeance is a dish best served by mail.

Being late is an art form.

“Can you tell me about the most passive-aggressive email you ever received from a professor?” What could be better than breaking a record? You’ve broken your record!

Is that a kitten? Is This A Simulation?

“I finally bought a house after years of saving.” The user is delighted with their toy house, and we should commend them.

Is it a joke, a typo, or plain stupidity?

“Oh my f God, I responded c*m on an exam, and it won’t allow me to retake the test, and my teacher is going to see this; what should I do?” Play silly games, and you’ll earn stupid prizes.

Scrooge McDuck’s True Identity

I have a total of 2,706 copies of the Burger King Xbox 360 game ‘Sneak King.’” Is that, however, deceptive enough?

What Does Jesse Pinkman Say?

“Did anyone else notice that when the cops sit down on the seat in Season 2 Episode 8, it says ‘B all S’? Because that’s what I did.” This is what drove a gentle Chemistry instructor to experiment with crystal meth.

Is It A Pokemon?

Someone appears to have stacked a pair of toads on top of each other. We may never know why.


“I told my girlfriend she looks like an angel, and now she’s warping the fabric of reality with her holy presence and pure cosmic force. Please assist.” What, once more?

So, which of the funny Reddit posts made you laugh the hardest? Please write to us in the comments!