Christina Applegate left in tears after standing ovation at the Emmys – and everyone's saying the same thing

Last night, Christina Applegate received a heartwarming standing ovation at the 75th annual Emmy Awards. The 52-year-old actress, known for her roles in movies like Anchorman and TV series Dead to Me, has been battling multiple sclerosis, and her resilience has touched the hearts of fans around the world.

Despite her health struggles, Christina Applegate continues to put on a brave face. Assisted by a cane, she took to the stage to present two awards. Actor Anthony Anderson helped her across the stage, and as she made her way to the podium, the audience at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles rose to their feet, united in their support. It was an emotional moment that left Applegate in tears.

In her acceptance speech, Applegate expressed her gratitude and acknowledged the impact of the standing ovation. She felt overwhelmed by the gesture and said, “Thank you so much! Oh my God! You’re totally shaming me [and my] disability by standing up. Some of you may know me as Kelly Bundy from Married with Children. We don’t have to applaud every time I do something.” She ended her speech by saying, “I’m going to cry more than I’ve been crying.”Christina Applegate at the Emmys

The reception Christina Applegate received and the outpouring of support resonated with fans around the world. As people watched from their homes, they were moved by her inspiring presence. One fan wrote, “The standing ovation for Christina Applegate has me bawling already.” Another praised her talent and beauty, saying, “I adore Christina Applegate. She’s such an amazing comedic talent and absolutely gorgeous (always has been!). Her zings here are fire.”

Christina Applegate revealed her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2021 and admitted last year that the illness will likely prevent her from acting on camera in the future. She shared the challenges she faces daily, saying, “With the disease of MS, it’s never a good day… It f—ing sucks.” Despite these obstacles, she remains determined to support her family and keep her brain working through voiceover work.

The remarkable moment at the Emmys showcased Christina Applegate’s resilience and touched the hearts of millions. Her story is an inspiration to all, reminding us of the strength and courage that can emerge even in the face of adversity.

Watch Christina Applegate’s tearjerking reception at the Emmys in the video below: