Celine Dion has problems yet again. Since her husband passed away, the artist realized what she misses the most

René Angélil, Celine Dion’s husband, passed away five years ago. The singer recently shared what she has missed the most since her partner went away, while being extremely discreet and concealing many facts about this terrible incident.

When Celine was just 12 years old, René Angélil took on the role of managing her, and seven years later the two started dating. In 2016, Celine’s manager and husband passed away in her arms after a brave fight against cancer.

Celine discussed her feelings over René’s absence in an interview. She also discussed whether or not she is prepared to begin a new relationship.

Up to René’s last moments, Celine stayed by his side unconditionally: “My husband’s loss was hard. I feel like René has given me so much over the years … We still live with him. He is part of our lives every day, so I have to be very, very strong, ‘said Celine.