Takeoff, a Migos rapper, died tragically in November 2022 at 28 after being shot to death in Houston, Texas. According to TMZ, the musician and his band colleague, Quavo, a Migos member, were at a bowling alley when a fight broke out and shots were fired. Offset, the rapper and the group’s third member, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Naturally, many individuals openly regretted Takeoff’s untimely death. In an interview with “The Neighborhood Talk” in November 2022, Offset’s wife, Cardi B, explained how badly the tragedy touched their family.

Even though she emphasized that they are not a “charity case,” Cardi B revealed that she had been battling to make her husband smile and that she had found it tough to observe Offset “randomly cry.”

Cardi B confessed on the show just a few days before Thanksgiving that despite “living our lives normally,” “deep down, our hearts have been so heavy.” On the other hand, Offset has been mum about his cousin’s death until expressing a touching Instagram tribute two weeks later. “My heart is broken, and I have so many things to say, but I can’t find the words,” he said.

Cardi B has already stated when she and to Offset found out about the tragedy.

When Cardi B and Offset awoke, they received a phone call informing them that Takeoff had died. On a January 16 episode of the “Jason Lee Podcast,” the “WAP” rapper said that she and her husband were in bed after canceling plans to attend a Halloween party that evening.

“We hardly fell asleep when my phone and Offset’s phone began ringing incessantly. Offset was the first to answer the phone”, and according to Cardi B, he screamed, “No!” He only said, “Takeoff is dead,” when his wife questioned what was wrong.

Cardi B is said to have “smacked” her husband in surprise following that. “He’s rushing around, yelling, throwing stuff, and puking. I was just afraid. I was just crying a lot. It was horrible,” she recalls honestly.

The “I Like It” rapper and Takeoff had a close friendship. In an Instagram tribute she posted following his death, she included a copy of DMs the two had exchanged and photos of him, Offset, and his fellow Migos member Quavo. Throughout the chat, Takeoff’s message to Cardi B perfectly characterized their relationship: “I adore you, 4L, and after thanking you, sis, and respect you, FR.” Cardi promised Takeoff that she would “remember your excellent talent and [his] dope a** personality” in her caption.