After catching her mother-in-law “snooping” through her belongings, a woman wondered if she was in the wrong for pulling a joke on her.

The woman revealed that her fiancé had finally moved in with her after four years of dating.

They’re talking about making it a home for both of them.’ She bought her house seven years ago, so the majority of the furniture is hers, but they’re talking about’making it a home for both of them.’

However, she has noticed that when his mother visits, she “snoops” and searches through her belongings.

“One thing she snooped on was actually embarrassing,” she said on Reddit. I had a small ‘affirmation’ post-it note on my monitor in my home office that said, ‘I am smart, I am skillful, I am deserving of great things.’

“It was a ridiculous thing my therapist suggested to get me in the right frame of mind before an interview.”

“Regardless, she made a remark about my ego…”

So she and her companion decided to create a few more ‘affirmations’ to hide as a joke while “wine drunk” one night.

Some of them were:

“Doctor’s office: My teeth will regrow!” I have the strength and agility of a shark!

“In the kitchen drawers, I know when to spoon and when to fork!” I’m sultry and confident!

“Work desk: I’m not just going to f**k my way to the top of the corporation; I’m going to f**k my way to the top of the world!”

“Walk-in closet: I’m stunning both dressed and undressed!” Especially when you’re alone! “My boobs are legendary!” says the narrator.

Her mother-in-law noticed a few the next time she came over, and while she didn’t directly recognize them, she began acting strangely.

“I left to run some errands, and when I got out, she confronted Al about the notes, and she was trying to convince him that I was unstable, narcissistic and that moving in was a poor idea,” she added.

She then showed him the notes, which he had no idea what to make of.

“He inquired, and I said that they were just some dumb private messages to bolster my self-esteem and make myself laugh; how had she obtained them?” Was she going through my belongings?

“He claimed she was merely tidying up when she noticed them.” And they were a little strange.

“He asked whether I left them there on purpose to bother her, and I admitted it was a joke, but I also have other weird or private s**t, so what I said about her needing to stop snooping was kind of a joke.”

“He said I was making things difficult for him because his mother was overprotective and adjusting to him moving in with a girlfriend for the first time, and I was deliberately irritating her and making her believe I wouldn’t be a suitable partner when he wanted her to think the opposite!”

She ended her post by questioning if she was out of order for pulling the prank, and the majority of people agreed with her, blasting the mother-in-law for violating her privacy.

Others chastised her fiance for failing to defend her.

“If you don’t set boundaries with your fiancé’s mother now, it’ll be infinity times worse once you are married,” one individual remarked.

“It speaks a lot how he keeps defending her and chalks it up to overprotectiveness,” another wrote. While I hate to be the one to scream, ‘omg this is bad, you should break up over a minor thing,’ I will state that this is a red sign.”

“So you’ve been dating for four years,” said a third. We’ve decided to be married. And his mother is still undecided about your compatibility?”

“It’s such a lighthearted thing to do,” someone else added, startled as the joke went over her head. Plus, if she hadn’t snooped/’tidied,’ she wouldn’t have seen them.

“Perhaps she’s struggling to let go of her son, but funny notes aren’t cruel; they’re just silly notes.”

“She’s prying into your house,” one person commented. I would have gone even further and written notes like, ‘No one likes a snoop,’ and ‘You are not welcome to look through my belongings.’ Yours, on the other hand, were pretty darn funny.”