Ozzy Osbourne, who is 73 years old, still has a long way to go in his career. He is unable to move as a result of major ailments that have afflicted his health since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

In reality, when Ozzy’s health deteriorated, things became even worse.

Ozzy has had a terrible case of the flu, a life-threatening staph infection, and an awful tumble in his Los Angeles home while recovering from pneumonia in recent years.

Ozzy Osbourne has launched a new business venture.

But, according to his wife Sharon Osbourne, everything will be settled soon. This guarantees Ozzy Osbourne’s followers that the iconic rocker would have to endure another surgery before returning to the United Kingdom.

Sharon made the fresh disclosures during her most recent appearance on Piers Morgan’s new TalkTV Uncensored show, according to Dailymail.

“Ozzy is OK, and he’s sending you his love,” Sharon, 69, remarked.

“She has another operation to undertake and then she wants to go home,” she stated, implying that Ozzy would depart Los Angeles when her health permitted and return to the United Kingdom.

Parkinson’s disease, fractures from falls, and deadly bacterial infections

Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he had Parkinson’s disease in early 2020, however the Black Sabbath frontman later admitted that he was diagnosed in 2003.

Her health issues worsened after she underwent surgery in October 2018 after contracting a life-threatening staph infection as a result of a botched manicure.

His thumb grew to the size of a light bulb as a result of the infection. According to Rolling Stone, the manicure looked to have caused three different staph infections, the first of which began in the thumb and moved to the middle finger.

Ozzy Osbourn was hospitalized in February 2019 due to flu difficulties, which forced him to postpone the European leg of his No More Tour 2.

Due to catastrophic injuries incurred after a fall at his home in Los Angeles while recovering from pneumonia, Ozzy has finally canceled the entire tour, as well as the rest of his 2019 shows.

In reality, the incident caused him to re-injure his back, neck, and shoulders, necessitating surgery.

What is the explanation for this? The singer had not entirely healed from his initial fall, which left him with a series of shattered bones, including a neck vertebra, a collarbone, and eight ribs, in his house in Buckinghamshire, UK, in 2003.

Ozzy stopped breathing after the accident, as Sharon subsequently revealed, and was rescued by his then-personal bodyguard, Sam Ruston, who resurrected him.