A financial agreement. Maria Shriver received half of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s retirement funds following their divorce.

Shriver, 66, is entitled to receive half of Schwarzenegger’s earnings between the time of their marriage in 1986 and the time she filed for divorce in 2011, including his pension, according to a court filing from June 2.

The ex-couple completed their legal separation in 2021, ten years after their breakup. Their four adult children are Katherine, 32, Christina, 30, Patrick, 28, and Christopher, 24. Shriver and Schwarzenegger had been dating for 25 years when allegations that the Terminator actor had an affair with the family’s former housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena, arose in May 2011.

The former governor stated, “I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family,” in a statement at the time. “There are no excuses; I completely accept responsibility for the damage I have caused. I apologize to Maria, my children, and my family. I genuinely regret this.”

According to the former California first lady, “this is a sad and heartbreaking period. The children are my top concern as a mother. I kindly request your consideration, respect, and discretion as my children and I attempt to fix our lives and heal.”

Joseph Schwarzenegger and Schwarzenegger have become closer since the affair’s exposure. Earlier this year, the 24-year-old opened up about his connection with his famous father during an appearance on the “Unwaxed” podcast. “Because my dad and I are so close, we often joke around. He is continually drawn to the drama. He says, “Tell me everything.” Please bring the drama.

The Chariot actor stated, “I also have to bring up that with my relationship with my dad, it took a little longer for us to get very close and just have fun and speak about everything. I was raised by my mother, therefore I was naturally nervous. I also didn’t want him to think poorly of me by asking, “Oh, what the hell is this guy doing?”

Despite their protracted divorce, the Jingle All the Way star has constantly been supportive to his ex-wife. In 2012, he told Extra’s Mario Lopez, “Fortunately, Maria has been a fantastic mother.” “Despite going through a divorce, we collaborate. We take great care to raise the kids to be good people.”

The Austrian actor and the journalist are the grandparents to Lyla, 22 months, and Eloise, 1 month, whom their daughter Katherine shares with Chris Pratt.