Have you ever wondered how self-critical you are? Optical illusions can reveal intriguing insights about ourselves. If you’re up for a fun and insightful test, TikTok has a number of creators, like the well-known Mia Yillin (@mia_yillin), who specialize in optical illusions that also double as personality tests.

Mia recently shared an optical illusion on TikTok that received over 972,000 views. The illusion consists of two separate images, and depending on your personality, you may only notice one of them at first. Take a look at the following image:

How Critical Are You of Yourself?

So, which image did you first notice? Did you see a black crow perched on top of a rock, or a man’s face constructed from smaller boulders? Mia offers interesting explanations for the first image you saw:

The Crow:

If you noticed the crow first, it suggests that you have a tendency to be judgmental. But don’t worry, being judgmental is not necessarily a negative thing. Mia explains that you possess strong opinions about others, often almost accidentally. Your intuition is exceptionally strong, and more often than not, your suspicions and preconceptions are proven correct.

The Face:

If the face caught your attention first, it indicates that you are highly critical of yourself. Mia suggests that this self-critical attitude serves as a defense mechanism for you. You have an intense fear of being disliked or rejected by others, so you subconsciously try to preempt this rejection by being overly self-critical and self-demeaning from the start. Mia offers wise words of advice for those who saw the face: don’t let self-critical thoughts hinder you from becoming the person you aspire to be.

Mia’s optical illusion and explanations have captivated the TikTok community. Viewers and followers have flocked to the comments section to share their amazement at the accuracy of Mia’s insights. One person even commented on the precision of the crow explanation:

If you’re curious to learn more about yourself or enjoy optical illusions, be sure to check out Mia Yillin’s TikTok page for fascinating content like this. Give the illusion test a try and see what it reveals about you!

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