Antonio Banderas had a heart attack that changed his life. The actor claimed that instead of making things worse, it gave him a fresh perspective on life.

Banderas, now 61, was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack. He only survived the “very dramatic” episode because his wife had purchased powerful aspirin tablets the day before.

Despite experiencing a near-death experience, the actor opened up about it years later, saying that the event had been mostly positive.

According to Forbes, it’s “one of the sweetest things that has ever happened in my life.”

“It helped me realize what is truly important and gave me a greater understanding of who I am and my place in the world.”

“Several silly things that I previously thought were noteworthy have vanished or sunk.”

“Something was changed.”

The actor even hinted that the circumstances will change his approach to performing.

“Actors require nourishment because life is their food.”

“This episode was certainly very dramatic when it happened.” He told Entertainment Tonight at the 2019 Hollywood Awards, “It opens my eyes in a different way and establishes a different order of priorities than previously.”

According to the British Heart Foundation, coronary heart disease, which includes angina and heart attacks, causes approximately 73,000 deaths in the UK each year.

Every minute that passes after a heart attack increases the risk of mortality and heart damage.

Fortunately for Banderas, the strong aspirins his wife had ordered the day before allowed him to react immediately.

She bought this aspirin because it was the only thing she could find, and it was the strongest she could locate.

“When I first saw the symptoms and was completely aware of what was going on, she placed one of those aspirins under my tongue the next morning. This move literally saved my life.””

“I was given a second opportunity, and things have changed in my life since then.”

Aspirin is a blood-thinning drug that prevents new blood clots from forming.

Although the Mayo Clinic says that taking aspirin while experiencing a heart attack is safe, they are normally administered by the NHS after a heart attack to reduce the risk of developing new difficulties.

However, if you suspect you are having a heart attack, the government recommends that you phone 911 first.

The following are the most common symptoms of a heart attack:

Dizziness or lightheadedness; shortness of breath; nausea or vomiting; acute anxiety; coughing or wheezing; chest discomfort that feels pressing, heavy, tight, or squeezing across your chest and radiates to your arms, generally the left one, as well as your jaw, neck, back, and stomach;

It is critical to rest after a heart attack in order to reduce unnecessary stress.

Following his struggle, Banderas went on to play Salvador in the film Pain and Glory, a drug-addicted filmmaker who is deteriorating physically and mentally.

When his character is scheduled for surgery near the end of the film, he informs the doctor that he is still writing. This is his character’s way of saying, “Don’t murder me, I still have things to do,” according to Banderas.