More than six years after the stars of Two and a Half Men gave their mark of approval to their well-liked comedy, there has been a fresh sighting of Angus T. Jones.

The performer rose to fame on the CBS series for his portrayal as the trio’s youngest member, in which he essentially matured in front of the audience. The young actor, who made his television debut in the show at the age of 10, quit early after publicly condemning it.

When he eventually appeared in the 2015 finale, he was 21 years old.

On August 27, the now-27-year-old musician was seen in Los Angeles, but if you didn’t look carefully, you may not have recognized him.

Jones had a thick beard that covered the bottom part of his face, in line with the facial hair he had been wearing while out of the public sight. The actor was dressed comfortably in a T-shirt, shorts, and beanie, but he was shoeless.

Fans have seen much less of Jones since since he quit the show that made him famous. In an episode of Horace and Pete back in 2016, he made his last appearance.

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Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher entered the program and stuck through to the end after Charlie Sheen’s dramatic exit in season nine. He took on the role of the affluent Walter Schmidt, whose persona purchased Charlie Harper’s house after Charlie Harper passed away.

After the series last season in 2012, Kutcher played a self-portrait on Family Guy, had a cameo on Shark Tank, and then switched to Netflix to act and serve as executive producer of The Ranch.

He married Mila Kunis, a co-star on That ’70s Show, in July 2015. The couple has two children: Their daughter Wyatt and their son Dimitri.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen portrayed Charlie Harper in the first eight seasons of the CBS sitcom, one of the original “guys” in Two and a Half Men, with Jon Cryer portraying his on-screen brother.

Sheen went into a drug treatment center, the eighth season was cut short, and he and the executive producer Chuck Lorre got into a public dispute that resulted in Sheen’s dismissal from the show (and gave rise to the phrases “winning” and “tiger’s blood”).

Kathy Bates continued to play him as a ghost after he was taken off the show.

After exiting Two and a Half Men, which aired from 2012 to 2014 and aired 100 episodes over two seasons, Sheen secured the TV version of Anger Management.

Since then, Sheen has appeared in 9/11, Scary Movie 5, Machete Kills, and The Goldbergs. He announced his HIV status in 2015.

Jeremy Cryer

Jeremy Cryer played divorced Alan Harper, Charlie’s brother, Jake’s father, and Walden’s buddy, throughout the show’s 12 seasons.

Cryer has written a book on his experience in the television industry and has starred in Mom, The Ranch, NCIS, Robot Chicken, and Lady Dynamite.

Jones, Angus T.

Jake, Alan Harper’s son, was represented by Angus T. Jones as the “half man” in the comedy Two and a Half Men. He was the best paid child actor on television at the age of 17, but when he made the decision to become a monk in real life, he said he wanted to quit the series.

Jones subsequently left the program, but he returned for the season finale in 2015.

Jones attended University of Colorado Boulder after leaving the show, and he eventually co-founded an entertainment business with Justin Combs, Sean Combs’ son. His last known acting role was in the 2016 Louis C.K. film Horace and Pete.