Every baby on the planet is one-of-a-kind, but let’s face it: certain infants are so exceptional that everyone in the delivery room comes to a halt.

Luna Tavares-appearance Fenner’s and “Batman birthmark” have captivated audiences since her birth.

She’s been getting a lot of attention recently, and there’s a reason for it.

Luna has been able to get rid of her infamous birthmark thanks to some cutting-edge surgery. Personally, I think you’ll find it difficult not to smile when you see this lovely 2-year-old girl today…

Luna Tavares-Fenne, a 2-year-old from Florida, is similar to any other 2-year-old on the planet in many aspects. She’s a bubbly, upbeat young lady who enjoys laughing, eating, and bouncing around.

Luna was born with an extremely unusual skin disorder known as congenital melanocytic nevus, which has obviously affected her and her family.

Carol Fenner, Luna’s mother, was “shocked” when her daughter was born in 2019. She was startled and terrified when she noticed a dark spot covering a huge chunk of her tiny girl’s face. Luna was born with a black mark that covered the majority of her face, resembling a Batman mask.

Carol told WPLG in 2019: “I’m used to it now, but I was surprised at the time.”

It’s easy to see why Carol was so taken aback. The parents’ joy at having a kid had transformed into tremendous worry in just a few days. Her final ultrasound before the delivery had revealed nothing odd, so she had no idea her daughter would be born differently.

Furthermore, until four days after Luna’s birth, doctors had no idea what the black spot was. Luna was hospitalized for six days after birth, according to Fenner, while physicians did testing.

Luna’s experts concluded after extensive research that the birthmark could pose a severe risk to Luna in the future. Because the danger of skin cancer was significant, doctors prescribed a number of procedures.

Carol was desperate to get her daughter’s “Batman mask” removed, but it would take at least six procedures. Another major issue was the expense of each procedure, which was estimated to be over $40,000.

Luna’s distraught mother began looking for help anywhere she could. Naturally, the family was having a difficult time.

“We saw a number of doctors,” says the narrator. “We traveled to Boston, Chicago, and New York in the hopes of getting a better result,” Carol explained.

Carol wanted the surgery done before Luna began school so she wouldn’t have to worry about her daughter being bullied. Luna and her family had to deal with criticism from individuals who couldn’t accept the fact that she looked different even when she was little.

Carol’s brave mother chose to share Luna’s story and raise awareness about her daughter’s sickness, despite the fact that many parents in her circumstances would hide and avoid the public glare. She started an Instagram feed to give folks a glimpse into the family’s daily lives.

As Luna’s story gained international exposure, doctors all across the world became aware of her. One such person was a well-known Russian doctor.

Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov, a surgeon-oncologist, contacted Carol after learning about Luna’s plight and volunteered to perform a treatment that was not available in the United States.

However, the treatment, known as photodynamic therapy, was prohibitively expensive, so the family turned to the public for assistance. Luna’s family organized a campaign to assist cover the bills, raising $70,000 from others who wished to help her.

“Everyone thinks I’m crazy for going to Russia,” Carol told SWNS in 2019. “But I’ve done a lot of research and gotten advice from various physicians, and I truly believe that this is the greatest option for Luna right now.”

Carol and Luna have been traveling to Russia for the past few years to conduct testing and begin her therapy. Despite the pandemic, the family was able to visit the Krasnodar clinic. Thankfully, all of the operations so far have gone well.

Furthermore, Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov is overjoyed with the outcome, believing that Luna’s risk of developing cancer has significantly diminished.

“We only had six operations to remove the nevus and were successful in making it disappear,” Dr. Popov told East2West News, adding, “We only had six operations to remove the nevus and were successful in making it disappear.”

“Luna has already begun speaking, and she declares, ‘My black spot has vanished.’ ‘I am a princess,’ she says.

The main medical portion of the assignment, according to Dr. Popov, has been finished. However, this does not imply that Luna’s treatment may be totally stopped.

“We’re going to give Luna some time to recover from the treatment she’s had, and then we’ll do the aesthetic operations.” “When Luna gets to the age where she is concerned about her appearance, we want to make sure she doesn’t have any complexes,” Dr. Popov explains.

Of course, the family is relieved that things are moving in the right direction. Luna has shown to be a strong young lady who has bravely faced all treatments with a smile on her face.

Despite the fact that Lunas’ two-year life has been a struggle, she has a grin for everyone she meets.

“I have no regrets about the therapy I received here.” Luna is unaffected by the agony. According to The Daily Mail, Carol says, “She dances a few hours after the surgery.”

The family is now ready to show the world how Luna has changed. Luna appears to be extremely happy, and I believe everyone can agree that there is a significant difference… Congratulations to her tenacious mother and the amazing surgeons!

Looking at recent Luna photos, it’s reasonable to say that the results are stunning! People can be so cruel, so I’m delighted she was able to undergo the treatment.

The family recently traveled to Brazil to celebrate Christmas (Carol is an American citizen who was born in Brazil).

Luna will visit family in Brazil and heal before returning to Russia for more therapy next year. Nothing but love, health, and happiness for this little princess!